April 2018 Meeting Agenda

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

3431 Mt Vernon Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Every Second Thursday (Except August)

1. Welcome – Introductions                                                                       5 min.

2.  Watkins Dr Trash Clean Up Sat Apr 21                                     10 min.

3.  UCR Update – Jeff Kraus                                                                      10 min.     

4.  Community Asset Mapping                                                             15 min.

5.  Parks                                                                                                               20 min.

 Complete Survey


951-826-2000 Email address:parks@riversideca.gov

Hours of Operation: 
Monday – Friday : 8am – 5pm

6927 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92506

6. Moratorium Update – Data Request Committee               10 min.

7. Boards and Commissions Vacancies                                          10 min

Budget Engagement Commission

8. Council Update – Andy Meledrez                                                10 min.                       

Next Steps: __Open Forum  

                   Just One Question

Announcements – Reminders  

Small Sparks Applications  (Blaine Watkins Beautification)

   Updated “Who Do I Call” List

 Next Meeting: May 10, 2018

6 thoughts on “April 2018 Meeting Agenda”

  1. I see you are doing a Watkins clean up on the 21st. I can’t attend but I hope you will go all the way to the underpass.!! My wish! I have plastic bags that the county gave me to clean up, if you want them I could drop them off at your house. In the past year I have been able to get the county and Caltrans to clean up about twice, thru email. Thanks for doing this-Connie (BTW, my husband and I were members of county adopt a road for years, but now the traffic is too fast and too many accidents and we are almost 70, so we are cutting back)

  2. Hi Connie, We have a bunch of UCR students for the clean up. It’s pretty trashy and we’ll do our best to make it all the way to the underpass.
    We’ve been thinking about some guerilla gardening along the Metrolink fence. Might help to brighten things up a bit.

  3. Good Afternoon, my name is Tim Hollenhorst and I am a Riverside County Deputy District Attorney. I am running for an open judicial seat in this June’s election. Would it be okay if I stopped by your meeting and briefly introduced myself before heading downtown for our annual Victim’s Rights Vigil?
    Thank you.

  4. Hello Tim,
    We have a pretty tight agenda tonight but I’ll slot you right after introductions. Please introduce yourself when you arrive so I’ll know who you are.

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