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Asset based community development. Connect, contribute and collaborate on creating the neighborhood of our dreams.

UNA Meeting Agenda July 2017

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

3431 Mt Vernon Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Every Second Thursday (Except August)

1. Welcome – Introductions                                                                              5 min.

2.  UCR Update – Jeff Kraus                                                                            10 min. 

3.  UNET Report                                                                                               10 min.

4.  Council Update – Andy Meledrez                                                               10 min.   

5.   RSA/UCR New Building Site                                                                     10 min.

      Next Steps: __??                                                                                        45 min.

6.   Pool Party Pot Luck  National Night Out Tue. Aug 1

7.   Meet Your Neighbors Sat Sep 30th 

8.   Small Sparks Applications

9.   Updated “Who Do I Call” List

9.   Next Meeting: September, 14th, 2017      

Riverside Stem Academy Going To College?

Riverside Stem Academy Brain TrustUniversity neighbors are well aware of the popularity and success of the Riverside Stem Academy. We see the evidence Monday thru Friday on Watkins Dr, Mt. Vernon and the other neighborhood streets.

We’re also aware of UCR’s development plans as many of us participated in the scoping sessions. Discussions have been underway about some creative collaboration between RSA and UCR and it’s all designed to happen on UCR’s campus.

There are two sites under consideration for the RSA / UCR multi-use building. One is Lot 13 off of Big Springs Rd. The other is Lot 30 at MLK and Canyon Crest.

Which one do you think makes the most sense to our quality of life?

The key issue for the neighborhood is traffic. STEM traffic and campus traffic. It’s all the same and happens at the same time each day.

If we want to have an impact on traffic, and a say about this, start following the issue.

New science-based high school set for … UC Riverside?

We as a community have multiple opportunities to share our voices. Start writing letters, sending emails, making public comments at RUSD Board meetings.

We’re all aware of the increased air pollution that accompanies more traffic. We are a City that espouses to be committed to healthy communities. There’s no reason this can’t work out for the best interests of all concerned.

Community Engagement Framework

We face new challenges and changing circumstances. Being part of the solution is critical if we’re to say we’re creating the neighborhoods and city of our dreams. Check out what we’ve come up with below. We’ve been advocating for city staff to adopt these engagement frames.

Maybe if we had these in place we wouldn’t be getting warehouses 50 feet from our back yards or toxic superfund sites like the Ag Park.

Community Outreach Framework

UNA Meeting Agenda June 2017

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Every Second Thursday

1. Welcome – Introductions                                                                              5 min.

2.  UCR Update – Jeff Kraus                                                                            10 min. 

3. Santa Ana Bike Ride & Festival Jacqueline Rodriguez                           10 min

4. UNET Report                                                                                                 10 min.   

5. Council Update – Andy Meledrez                                                                10 min.

6. Next Steps: __??                                                                                           45 min.

7.   Next Meeting: Thursday, July13 th, 2017      

8.   Northside Specific Plan Meetings  June 7, 10, 12th.                                                                        

Thank you for creating the neighborhood of your dreams.

Riverside Housing Element Update Project Notice

Riverside MapThe City of Riverside is preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Housing Element Update Project.

Increased density changes are proposed along Magnolia Ave (14 sites), University Ave (6 sites), areas not in a specific plan (8 sites) and (41 sites) are proposed for R-3-1500 to R-4 multi family. In total, 395 acres and 303 parcels are in play.

Public comments close May 11th. A scoping session is slated for Monday May 8th in the Mayor’s Ceremonial Room 7th Floor.

Here’s a link to the relevant changes and maps:

notice of preparation of a draft environmental impact report

April 2017 Meeting Agenda

Meet Your Neighbors Here Yard Sign

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Every Second Thursday

2. John Russo – City Manager                                                                         20 min.

3.  UCR Update – Jeff Kraus                                                                            10 min. 

4. UNET Report                                                                                                 10 min.   

5.  Council Update – Andy Meledrez                                                               10 min.

6.  Council Candidate Jon Harris                                                                    10 min.

7.  Council Candidate Kevin Dawson                                                             10 min.

Next Steps: __??

6.  Next Meeting: Thursday, May 11th, 2017  

Thank you for creating the neighborhood of your dreams.