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Community Development Block Grant Public Meetings

Check out the link for the meeting dates in each ward.  Wed Oct. 14th is the first meeting.

This is a check off the public participation box. It’s also our chance to ask about projects different communities want funded. Make your input known. There are numerous local food, recreation, environmental and social development projects worthy of consideration.

Community Development Block Grant Public Meetings

Measure Z Community Meetings

Flushing Tax Revenue AwayThis is the only resident sponsored forum being held on this measure.
It’s Wednesday, Oct. 12. Here’s the link:

Still time to ask questions at these upcoming meetings:

Measure Z Community Meetings

The No On Measure Z Facebook page plus Dan Bernstein’s Video.

It’s a teachable moment and a good place to start asking questions at the upcoming meetings.

UCR Physical Master Plan Study Is Complete

UCR CampusAfter receiving feedback from approx. 450 individuals, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members, a final report has been compiles to provide guidance regarding UC Riverside’s space needs, transportation, sustainability, safety, and aesthetics.

Below you will find a link to UCR Today’s feature article on the Physical Master Plan Study, as well as a link to the study’s website on UCR’s Capital Asset Strategies page and a link to the study itself.

UCR Today: Look Online for UCR’s Future Design<>

Capital Asset Strategies – Physical Master Plan Study<>

Physical Master Plan Study – Full Report PDF<>

Also attached is a PDF of the Physical Master Plan Study presentation made at the Steering Committee meeting on May 18th.

Please note that we also have posted summaries of each chapter of the Physical Master Plan Study to the study website, at the URL below.

A PDF of these combined summaries also is attached for your ease of future reference.

A list of frequently asked questions and responses also is posted to the study website, at the URL below.

A PDF of these FAQs also is attached for your ease of future reference.

UCR Family Student Housing Complex to Be Closed in Summer 2017

Budget Presentation to the Community

You are invited to attend a 2 year budget presentation to the community for May 5, 2016 at 6pm at the St. Andrew’s Orthodox Church on Canyon Crest Drive.

Budget BlocksPlease share the following information with your neighbors and neighborhood groups.

Presenter of 2 year budget:       Adam Raymond

Where:  St. Andrew’s Orthodox Church

                                                                                                                                               4700 Canyon Crest Drive

Riverside, CA  92507

When:     Thursday May 5, 2016       6:30pm – 9:00pm


No Farms No Food

Think Global But Act Local.
Support the Riverside Food Systems Alliance

Take the No Farms No Food bumper sticker Challenge!

No Farms No Food LogoForward this email to 10 friends and encourage them to order their free No Farms No Food bumper sticker to display their support of family farmers and saving farmland.

After you’ve sent your 10 emails, post to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram about your free bumper sticker using the #NoFarmsNoFood hashtag. Tag us so we can like your status!

With your help, we can spread the No Farms No Food message and American Farmland Trust’s mission to protect farmland, promote sound farming practices, and keep farmers on the land.


Susan Sink

Susan Sink
VP Development & External Relations

No Farms No Food | American Farmland Trust

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Measure L Loser 2 Redux?

Sunset Box Springs MountainsWho remembers Measure L from 2014? Who remembers Dan Bernstein​ singing “Noel, Noel” on YouTube?

 The developer, Terry Manley is threatening to come back in 2016 with the help of two opponents who fought him last year….yes, they are now part of  “Team Manley”.

 Currently 152 homes can legally be built under the current zoning. He is asking for 725 homes or approximately 5 TIMES that which is currently allowed. Last year he wanted over 1900 homes.

Can you see where this is starting to get insulting to the community?

 Allowing outside interests to set a value for our community’s assets is offensive. If it’s warehouses in the Northside, or housing in La Sierra, who says those are Riverside’s only two options?

Community members are speaking up and speaking out. There is  a new conversation about best use of our lands that includes all the environmental impacts and where our zoning protects or perverts our communities remaining open spaces.

RFSA_Logo Placeholder Riverside’s prosperity has always been tied to the community protecting our unique natural assets. Looks like we’re seeing this conversation move into even more communities faster than last time.

Maybe the idea of a robust agricultural economy that could be easily  developed by combining our ownership of water with the 19.5 million hungry consumers living within 90 miles of Riverside.. We can develop clean, sustainable businesses with real jobs if we talk more about how to best use our existing land and water resources. Housing and warehouses or food and prosperity for all? You decide.

Here’s what Dan had to say last time.

Smart Code Development Plans

Created by Dana Outreach Committee


This is where you can find information on City and neighborhood planning in the Downtown area

Location: Riverside
Members: 3
Latest Activity: Feb 26, 2011

Riverside 2.0 Strategic Plan 4.28.15.pdf



Andres Duany April 16, 2014 on SMART CODE RIVERSIDE



DANA – Form Based Planning Overview.pdf



PE Article – Soccer league’s fate cloudy under one-year contract 5.08.15



Karen_Renfro_Letter_Land_Use_Policy 7.10.14.pdf

City Council Agenda Item #16 4.28.15

Development Cmte Agenda 04.17.14.pdf

Staff Report-Northside Vision 04.17.14.pdf

Northside – OPTICOS Draft Scope of Work and Budget.pdf

Project Area Map.pdf

Specific Plan Areas.pdf

SMART CODE-presentation-01-15-14.pdf



6-14-2012 (Item 18) Oversight Board for the City of Riverside as Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Riverside

6-12-2012 (Item 46) City Council & Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Riverside –

1-25-2011 (Item 19) City Council/Redevelopment Agency Memorandum –


CCRPT Report-1 7.08.14.pdf

Protect Riverside 

Citizens for Balanced Growth


Imperial Hardware Presentation Files

Ratkovich Properties web site

Planning Commission  Item #2 May 21,2015

CCRPT Item 7 – 7.22.14.pdf

Imperial Hardware Project Map.pdf

Ratkovich Properties Agreement.pdf


Van Owen Holdings

Monte Vista Concept Drawings City Council 5.05.15

PE Article – Fire at Monte Vista Terrace 11.18.14

Monte Vista project – Aug13 Planning Cmte Mtg.docx

Fairmount Lofts – 2007 project.pdf

ZION PROJECT – 1st to 3rd on Market Street

Zion Project -Centerpointe Apts. Market 1st to 3rd street.pdf

P14-0183 Initial Study-1 Nov2014.pdf


Development Cmte Agenda 2.20.14.pdf



AG Park-Neighborhood Update 5.22.15.pdf


City of Riverside AG Park Report 11.20.14.pdf

CCRPT 2 – 4.28.15

Community Facilities District No. 2015-2 (Arroyo Park) CCRPT 5 – 3.03.15

City of Riverside – Finance Department

Mello – Roos (CFD) definition – history


Riverside Police Department


RPD Press release Community Service Bureau.pdf


2010 Riverside Strategic Vision ~ Seizing our Destiny
Riv Destiny Pub_FINAL.pdf

SOD web site

City Arts & Culture Plan Updates
Creative Riverside Cultural Plan (9-23-08).pdf
Arts and Culture Plan update 2.19.09.pdf

Downtown Development

City Council Redevelopment Action 1.25.11

Downtown Specific Plan


Cultural Heritage and Historic  Neigbhorhoods

Downtown Riverside

Riverside Historical Society
Old Riverside Foundation
Riverside Renovators
City of Riverside Historic Resource Division
Modern RIverside Blog

Heritage Square Lime Street Development street map 2.25.09
Housing Project on Lime Street.pdf

Historic Preservation Program CC Report 1.27.09 Item# 15