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University Neighborhood September Meeting Agenda

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

Note: City Manager John Russo had to reschedule. New date TBD. 

1.  Introductions

2.  UCR Update – Jeff Kraus                                                                              10 min. 

3.  RCTC Update                                                                                                10 min.

4.  Box Springs Trails Master Plan                                                                     5 min      

5.  STEM Academy Traffic Update                                                                     15 min.

6.  UNET Report                                                                                                   10 min.

7.  Meet Your Neighbors – Sat Sept 26  10- 2   Be a Host House.                    5 min.

8.  Big Springs – Valencia Hill Median Make Over Planting Party                    5 min.           Sunday, Sept 13th, 8 a.m.       

9.  UNA Oral & Video History Project                                                                   5 min.

10.  Moratorium Update                                                                                         5. min


Sycamore Highlands Warehouses

Ag Park Update

Good Public Participation Results In Better Decisions

IAP2 – the International Association for Public Participation – is the preeminent international organization advancing the practice of public participation.

So what do the residents of Riverside have to say about public participation? Read on and find out.

Hands Raised For Public Participation‘Public participation’ means to involve those who are affected by a decision in the decision-making process. It promotes sustainable decisions by providing participants with the information they need to be involved in a meaningful way, and it communicates to participants how their input affects the decision.

The practice of public participation might involve public meetings, surveys, open houses, workshops, polling, citizen’s advisory committees and other forms of direct involvement with the public.

IAP2’s mission is to advance and extend the practice of public participation.

IAP2 advocates on behalf of members and is building an international reputation for the public participation practice and profession. It supports international research and offers professional development training and services.

IAP2 members work in industry, civil society organizations, universities, government and more. They are involved in the public participation process by supporting clients, colleagues and citizens for improved decision-making.

See IAP2 Core Values Award Winners for successful examples of public participation in the decision-making process.

A number of Riverside neighborhood leaders have been meeting to discuss this. This group is called: NBT – Neighborhood Brain Trust  or, No Big Thing. Here is a draft of what we think the public engagement process should include.

Proposed Community Outreach Concept
for the City of Riverside Overview
Community stakeholders have identified a need for the City of Riverside to develop / enhance / clarify the procedure for Community outreach and engagement on projects and policies that impact City residents. The proposed concept outlined below is consistent with our Seizing our Destiny pillars, and the Riverside 2.0 Strategic Plan.
This concept advocates for an open, transparent outreach process focused on providing the highest level of customer service to all residents. This proposed policy outline is aligned with the Core Values for Public Participation developed by the International Association for Public Participation (
Concept Goals:
Thinking Ahead:
No Surprises:
All On Board:
Facilitate robust, timely communications between city and community
Enhance trust between government and residents
Fully engage community in city decision-making
Concept Principle
There tends to be 3 different modes of engagement to choose from by local government. Here they are in progression. We hope that we would aspire as a city/community to practice the most evolved of these three approaches
Active Participation.
We would like the opportunity to work with City Staff to develop an official process/policy that integrates active participation into the community development process and general mode of operation for the city
•  Provide timely and broad-based notifications of city plans for upcoming projects, using existing government and community communication networks
• Engage the community through direct communications, public meetings, social media, local print media (Press Enterprise), online surveys and portals (e.g., Engage Riverside, Survey Monkey, etc)
• Keep the community informed of all projects from beginning to end – from concept and design through all stages of implementation and post-completion evaluation
• For every project, follow up with the community on what worked and what didn’t
• Engage the community prior to finalization of a project’s concept, design, and scope to ensure consistency with the community’s vision and self-identity
• Ensure consultation with all community stakeholders, including neighborhood groups, the business community, and special interest and civic groups
•  Acknowledge that agreement / consensus of community members is not required for projects to move forward, but all views must be heard, understood, documented, and responded to by the City
•  Consult with all appropriate city and community organizations and groups, including city boards/commissions, neighborhood and civic groups, churches, HOAs, schools, PTAs, etc.
Active Participation
•  Facilitate ongoing community participation through all stages of project implementation, including regular updates and check-ins
•  Provide for an annual review of the implementation of this concept
•  Seek constructive feedback and criticism, and be willing to change direction when needed
• Challenge community groups to accept responsibility for participation and assisting in facilitation of public meetings.
• Support a civil and constructive process for community participation to insure all sides of the issue or a project are heard, debated, documented and communicated to all stakeholders
•  Encourage and empower residents to collaborate and participate in all aspects of city decision-making
•  Dedicate city resources to support the development of an informed, engaged, and participatory citizenry


Self Governance Training Workshop

Power To The People Global FistAttached is a flyer with the information regarding the Center for Self Governance training here in Riverside on the 30th. Feel free to pass along.  I will be attending.  The cost is $50.  The class will be hosted by Ben Clymer Jr., of Ben Clymer’s Body Shop, who is bringing the Utility Users Tax repeal ballot initiative here to Riverside.  The folks who put together the training I’m told (though I’ve not confirmed) were the organizers behind defeating Eric Cantor (at the time, House Majority Leader) in a giant surprise for the Republican Party last year.
A little about the Center and the training (I have not attended their training before and cannot provide a referral):
Who We Are
The Center for Self Governance is a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to training citizens in applied civics, founded on the belief in the capacity of mankind for self governance.
What Is Self Governance?
Self governance is exercising your individual liberty, personal responsibility, and civic authority to control instituted government.
What We Do
As citizens, we often lack the political knowledge, skills and ability to articulate our desire to make the policy changes necessary to keep our government to its proper role.  Modern civics training teaches conventional political theories.  The Center for Self Governance teaches unconventional, tried and tested techniques in applied civics proven to Keep the Republic.  CSG training putsyou, the citizen, in the drivers seat of self governance.  You choose the issues, candidates, and agendas to address, just as our government of, by,  and for the people was designed.


World Logistics Center Moreno Valley City Council Hearing

You’re invited you to Moreno Valley Residents for Honest Government‘s event

World Logistics Center Moreno Valley City Council Hearing
Monday, August 17 at 5:00pm
Moreno Valley Conference & Recreation Center in Moreno Valley, California
WHY SHOULD YOU CARE OR ATTEND? Citizens in the Community Are Tired of Seeing Their City Council Members Bought Off for the Sake of Padding Corporate Profits. Join Us as we announce to the City Counci…


June 2015 Meeting Agenda

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

1. Introductions

2. Perris Valley Metrolink Update –                                                                     15.min. 

There is a quiet zone scheduled in the University Neighborhood along the Perris Valley Line which will affect the crossings at Marlborough, Spruce, Blaine, and Mt. Vernon.  The work required for this quiet zone will not begin until sometime next year, when the Perris Valley Line is complete.  The City of Riverside will be the lead agency on the project, therefore, I will be sending out updates once the project begins.

3.  UCR Update – Jeff Kraus                                                                                15 min.

4.  UNET Report  – Celeste Neiman                                                                   15 min 

 5. Blaine Street Speed Limit                                                                              15 min.

Blaine Street is classified as an arterial roadway and requires a Traffic and Engineering Survey to establish the speed limit.  Attached is copy of the existing speed survey on file for Blaine between Mt. Vernon and the 60 Freeway which shows that the recommended 40 MPH speed limit was reduced from the 45 MPH 85th% speed results from this survey .  Note that the survey was taken in August of 2008 and will expire this year, thus we will be resurveying the street sometime this month.   Neither the roadway geometrics or circulation element has changed in the area and Public Works doesn’t foresee a change to the speed limit with the new survey.   Nonetheless, we will be happy to keep you informed of the results of the upcoming survey.

The speed feedback sign now on Watkins Drive was recently relocated from Canyon Crest Drive due to traffic signal installations along Canyon Crest Drive.  These devices are typically used to enhance driver awareness of their speed on streets with demonstrated speeding problems and because they are costly they are often utilized after other alternatives have been unsuccessful in addressing a speeding issue and budget allows for the purchase and installation costs.

The vast majority of the speed feedback signs in place throughout the City were grant funded and were required to be placed on non-federally funded streets.    We can certainly start with requesting enforcement which is an initial tool if you can please let us know the peak time frames that you are noticing speeding and the specific area along Blaine.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.  We will await your response regarding the speeding before we request enforcement.

Sincerely, Dawna Fuller Engineering Technician Traffic Engineering Division Public Works Department City of Riverside  (951) 826-5907

Blaine Between Mt. Vernon & Fwy 60 8-7-08


6. Watkins Drive Clean Up – Sat. June 20th, 8 a.m.

Meet At Piccacho and Watkins Dr. 

Wear sturdy shoes, bring water bottles.

7. Ag Park  City Council June 23rd                                                                       

8. Call For Drought Tolerant Plants for Mt. Vernon & Big Springs Median Makeovers

Contact Gurumantra or 951-640-3868

9. National Night Out  – Tuesday August 4th, Islander Park Pool

Potluck – Pool Party.  Discovering Neighborhood Treasures





Is It Time For A Sunshine Ordinance For Riverside?

Go For Public CommentHow many times have we been shafted as citizens because our right to weigh in was abridged or eliminated?

Getting the City Council Agenda on a Friday and trying to get straight answers from council members or staff about an item is an unnecessarily  frustrating exercise in democracy.

There is too little time to get answers, ask questions, make recommendations, offer suggestions or anything we the people may have to say.

During Summers the Council meets every other week. No reason we couldn’t adjust the posting time and not miss a beat with staff work flow. We could implement this in a few short months.

If a recent City Council meeting is any guide, maybe we’ve reached a tipping point for expanded public participation in our public affairs.

Could it be time for Riverside to draft a sunshine ordinance of it’s own?. It reminds me of the neighborhood slogan that says, ‘if it’s about us and it’s without us, it’s not for us’. That sums up the conducting of City business and our opportunity to engage in effective public dialog with our elected officials and City staff. I wonder what we’d come up with for our Riverside Manifesto Of Right To Public Participation or a Citizens Bill Of Rights .

I know we’d restore our right to pull an item off of the consent calendar for discussion. We’d probably have no limit on putting speaker cards in during the item being discussed.

Maybe with a new City Manager and City Attorney, we can explore how to quickly restore our rights to participation and full transparency at all city council and committee meetings. That means great video or complete, unedited, full face shots of all speakers .

One thing that makes sense is to allow any speaker to plug in a thumb drive to illustrate or compliment their time – all three precious minutes of it.

We risk better government and better results. Check out what San Jose’s Sunshine Ordinance looks like. let’s start add your ideas.Pass it on.

Clapping At Council Goes On Trial

For those who remember our public calls for action regarding the conditions in our neighborhood, Letitia Pepper was arrested for clapping at one of those city council meetings.

Rusty Bailey and Greg Priamos are both saying in their depositions that Letitia was yelling and screaming from the back of the room and running from chair to chair.

If you remember it differently, please stop by Letitia’s house, 503 Highlander this Saturday between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and let her lawyer know what you saw. Thanks in advance for your support.


Civilian Oversight Of Law Enforcement Conference Coming To Riverside

Police Review Brian Buchner, Board President of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE), will be coming to Riverside to meet with local community leaders regarding the 2015 NACOLE Conference.

This conference will take place here in Riverside on October 4 – 8, 2015 (please see the attached NACOLE newsletter or the NACOLE website:

This informal meeting will be held in the Riverside City Council Chambers on March 16th, 2015, from 5 – 7 PM.  Please send two – three representatives from your group or organization to this meeting where they will be able to learn about NACOLE and the upcoming conference, and where Mr. Buchner will also learn from community leaders of their concerns regarding local issues.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Phoebe Sherron in the CPRC Office at 951.826.5509.


Thank you.


Phoebe Sherron

Sr. Office Specialist


Community Police Review Commission

February 2015 Meeting Agenda

University Neighborhood

February 12, 2015 Meeting Agenda

2014-12-31 16.44.48

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

1. Introductions

2. What’s Working
    Open Forum 20 min.

3.  RCTC/Perris Valley Line Update 10 min.

4.  Announcements, Events, Happenings

  • Riverside Story Project
  • UCR LRDP Working Groups
  • UCR Future Vision Workshop

5.  UNET Update 10 min.  

6.  UCR Update  Jeff Kraus 10 min.

7.  UCR Student Update  10 min.

8. Old Business

 9. New Business 

Community Event Announcement

University and Park Property Request for Proposals
Community Development Department
Neighbors and residents:
Please join us this Thursday at the
Chavez Center to share your opinion
and thoughts on what you would like
to see built on Park and University Ave.
Your opinion matters to us!
Please join us at 5:45 PM, February 5
in the community room for a
presentation from the City of Riverside,
Community Development Department
Presentation will begin at 5:45 PM
Spanish translation will be provided.
For questions please call Clarissa at 951.826.5419
Ward 2  Healthy Sustainable Living Series
6:00 PM | February 5, 2015
Cesar Chavez Community Center, Community Room
2060 University Ave, Riverside CA 92507
Keynote Speaker
Please join us for a presentation to discuss
climate change and to hear about the
impacts on the environment that are
effecting the world we live in today.
Spanish translation will be provided.
For any questions please contact the Office of
Councilman Melendrez at or
Mary Droser
University of California, Riverside
Distinguished Professor of Paleobiology