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Earth Day Celebration Bursting With Possibility . . . In You!

Well Happy Earth Day! Today is Earth Day.  Seems like only 40 years ago I was getting lit up by Earth Day and with some of  Mother Earth’s medicinal plants.

Tomorrow we  Kick Off at 8. a.m. at Goodwin’s parking lot. Volunteers for trash pick up and weeding sign in and pick up your tools. We’ve got a mega load of mulch arriving courtesy of Tim at Burrtec Industries.  We’re going to apply it where needed. Nice to see some of what we send them coming back to our gardens.

Stop by, hang out,drink some free coffee courtesy of Councilman Andy Melendrez and Andy Plumley of UCR. Get acquainted over what we love about the University Neighborhood.

Special thanks to the UCR student groups promoting our neighborhood event. Keep the tweets and Facebook posts going.  Lots of creative energy happening on campus and in the neighborhood.






See you tomorrow!

Picnic For The Planet

A Billion Acts Of Green

Gainey Ceramics Sponsors Instant Curb Appeal For University Neighborhood Earth Day Celebration

Gainey Ceramics in La Vern, CA has donated a selection of ceramic pots of various sizes, shapes and colors to help celebrate Earth Day in the University Neighborhood.

The Riverside Corona Resource Conservation District will be on hand with tips, resources and expert advice to make Earth Day an every day affair in the University Neighborhood.

University Neighborhood Hosts Earth Day Play Day Celebration

Why would hundreds of people congregate at 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 23rd, to celebrate Earth Day in the University Neighborhood? “Our neighbors are motivated by respect, contribution and an deep appreciation for nature’s abundance,” says Gurumantra Khalsa, chair of the University Neighborhood Association. “We created the Earth Day Play Day Celebration to help residents celebrate our rich traditions and love for our gardens, trails and open spaces.”

Located between the University of California at Riverside, a major research university, and an expanding technology park, the inescapable buzz of creativity and excitement can be felt everywhere. Nestled at the foot of the Box Springs Mountain Preserve, the neighborhood offers an abundance of trails for hikers, bikers, dog walkers and equestrians.

A “Billion Acts Of Green” calls for a diverse crowd  gathering to celebrate and spruce up the neighborhood with activities like a clean-up of Watkins Drive, the gateway to the neighborhood. Sixty residents along Watkins Drive will receive some home grown curb appeal ranging from simple weeding to a dab of fresh paint – and an instant garden in a pot!

The first neighborhood plant exchange will be open to beautify and transform places into spaces. Disaster preparedness training sign-ups and resources will be available to local residents. For everybody’s enjoyment, volunteers are setting up booths and games in the parking lot of Goodwin’s Organic Market, 191 West Big Springs Road.

Early sponsors include Goodwin’s Organic Market, Ciao Bella, The University of California, Riverside, Riverside Public Utilities, Crest Community Church, Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful, and Friends Of Riverside’s Hills.

Each of Riverside’s twenty six diverse neighborhoods have their unique attributes and opportunities. To acknowledge that, the University Neighborhood has issued a challenge to all of Riverside’s neighborhoods. We invite them to host their own Earth Day Play Day Celebration in 2012, and we’re offering to help coordinate an “Emerald City- wide” contest. Join in the fun!

Businesses or volunteers that want to support The Earth Day Play Day Celebration can contact: Gurumantra Khalsa

Graffiti Tips Courtesy Of The Historic Wood Streets

Information sent out from the Historic Wood Streets Group.  Please share with those that do not have computer access.  Have a great weekend.  Nancy

Graffiti – Info from Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful:
Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful says this (on their website about reporting graffiti:
Report Graffiti
With all that Riverside is doing to prevent and clean up graffiti, you may be wondering, “What can I do?”  (The City of Riverside spends over $1 million annually.)
The answer is REPORT, REPORT, and REPORT.  Dial 3-1-1 from a Riverside home phone or (951) 826-5311 from cell phones to report graffiti. If you are witnessing graffiti crime in progress calls 9-1-1. For more information about graffiti and how it hurts our community please visit”
The operator at the 3-1-1 (826-5311) phone number will ask these questions:

1.    Address and where the graffiti is located on the property.2.    What kind of surface is the graffiti is painted on? (I.e. Block wall, wooden fence, stucco)3.    What color is the graffiti?4.    Is the graffiti legible?  If so, what does it say or what letters/numbers are legible?

Also, there is an “app” you can get for your I-phone, android, smart phone, etc. That will send a photo and your information to the 3-1-1 call center.  They prefer that you let city crews come photograph the graffiti, but if you take a digital photo of it you can e-mail it to the 3-1-1 call center too.
The city crews respond as quickly as they can because graffiti is not “art” it is “a crime, punishable by law.”
Nearly all information on the Internet about graffiti prevention says that the graffiti should be removed or painted-over soon, if it is left visible it may attract more graffiti.
Graffiti-Prevention information is available at Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful
If you are a victim of graffiti, please report it; if you see someone in the process of committing this crime call 9-1-1, it may be dangerous to confront the person on your own, as it is often a gang-related crime.