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  1. Gary Merk and his department as well as other city government offices are all guilty of fraud, corruption, prejudice, discrimination, and misrepresentation of an being city elects. For 5 years I have sent in complaints to code enforcement, chris MacArthur, the mayor, and other city departments, as well as county and state about city and county ordinancs, civil and municipal codes not being enforced by gary merk and his department. We knew we were being ignored and still are due to we will not stop complaining and voicing our right to have these issues resolved. I did however get a hand delivered letter signed by gary merk, al zelinka, chris MacArthur threating jail time and or being sued due to my constant complaints-a scare tactic, DIDN’T WORK. The issue: the house across the street ftom my home, 9067 cleveland ave, riverside, 92503, code enforcement allowed/allows the property owners to live in an RV in a storage building, allows their family members to do so as well, allowed them to build a 2nd dwelling that is not up to code according to ricerside municipal code (2nd dwellings MUST MATCH primary house, it clearly does not, muni code 19.525.030 “O”) allows primary house to be rented out with owners living in RV, as well as allows the land on the property to be leased out to a menace farmer and his family horde (castellanos farms) who have caused traffic and noise disturbances 7am to 10pm sometimes 50 hours a week, disturbing our peace daily for over 5 years, in which ordinance 625 applies that the city of riverside is to enforce and has not done so even after 5 years of complaints with proof (photos, logs, and videos-all not good enough for enforcement so says merk, but he felt I sent enough for a threat). On top of all the activity, these farmers smoke while handling food while farming-city was informed about that as well with photo proof, and yet no enforcement. According to muni code for 2nd dwelling, if it doesn’t match it has to be removed or updated to match. According to the ordinance for farming, if noise/disturbances have been reported in the first 3 years operstions will be permanently stopped-I reported it over 5 years. My opinion, more corruption, MONEY. There must be money or even some kind or favor exchanged because the city muni code and ordinance are very clear, and for 5 yars of wending merk and the city of riverside no enforcement but a threat to me because I challenged them. Drive by, take a look, 9067 Cleveland ave, riverside, ca, 92503, 2nd dwelling down drive long driveway, farmers in field. Ask merk or the city why the laws, muni codes, and ordinances stated don’t apply to this property but does to everyone else.
    OH, this housebis for sale, but on loopnet, the city is allowing home oners, the heberts to try to sell it as commercial farming/commercial purpose property, not as a residential home as it is zoned as.
    UPDATE: 2/9/2016 ALSO Riverside Code Enforcement has been allowing commercial farming activites out of this residence 9067 Cleveland Ave for over 5 years – we have been inundated with numerous hire employess per Hal and Shuhua Hebert (Castellanos) who drive in and out all day afternnon and night long (yes, they farm at night) blasting vehicles stereos entering and exiting and while on property, urniating on and near produce/food, drinking beer while farming then driving vehicles, screaming yelling all day afternoon night long, we have received harassment intimidation and threatening behavior from castellanos their hire hands as well as the hebert’s and their now what appears to be numerous family members or chinese trad students living on property (in RV’s in the rear we expect and have reported) and yet, even after 5 years of complaints and stating that the traffic and noise has been a nuisance for over 5 years the City of riverside code enforcement still does not enforce Ordinance 625 – even with proof of video and photos of traffic noise and harassment. The farmers (Castellanos) have their own property at 5746 Mitchell 92505 – they lease a portion of the Hebert property – so after 5 years of noise and traffic nusiance it is clear that the city of riverside has the power and ability to remove business farming from this property that is zoned residential rurla light agriculture – farming 10 hours a day is not light agriculture – that’s a business and we do not have to tolerate it any longer. The Hebert’s stated, and we quote “ya get what ya get” when it comes to our concerns and compaints on nosie and traffic. Shuhua Hebert has no honor whatsoever to behave in such a way to covent money and greed and to continue to seel ways to make money from every inch of her property at the expense of homeowners around her – what a disgrace. The city of rvierside has the power to remove business from this residence/property in which surrounding neighbors have repeated told me they cannot have – and the city of riverside has the duty to enforce all muni codes, ordinances, and….
    …(continued) civil codes to protect its citizens – not to protect money. our rights to peace and quiet, safety and peace of mind in our own home have been dismissed so the hebert’s can make money, money, money. chris macarthur stated that its important for arlington heights to maintain the roots of farming and produce growth BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF THE HOMEOWNERS IN THE AREA, this isour home, to the hebert’s it is not a home – you can see that when you drive by – you can see it on the ad they have on Loopnet (a commercial real estate property site – yes, commercial) – its not even an investment to them, since they purchased 5 years ago they have not put any money into the home or property other than building a guest house that is still not up to code (due to being reported and cuaght living in and RV in the rear).

    It’s homeowners and people who desire to be better people by being better neighbors, who treat others as they want to be treated. My family and I have always ensured that whatever we do does not affect others – and the city of riverside has the responsibility to ensure that what others do does not affect its citizens as well – such as continual traffic and noise in resdiential areas. AND YET, at 9067 Cleveland 92503 – its business as usual, numerous individuals living in houses, guest house, and rv’s unaccounted for, excessive traffic, unmaintained property, etc. The hebert’s, accrofing to their own posting on loopnet have made roughly over $400,000 just by living illegally in the rear of their property renting out the primary house and lot – at least that’s the amount they claim to the IRS. How much did the city of riverside get of this we wonder? Since they continue to allow the excessive traffic and noise nusiance and illegal 2nd dwelling – what did/does the city get in return?
    So feel free to drive by 9067 Cleveland Ave – Hal and Shuhua Hebert –
    this is also posted on Craiglist IE under homes with photos – take another look at City corruption: refusing to protect our rights over money.
    Oh – and if you or someone you know is looking for a home HOME, not a property to use and abuse, but a HOME take a look at the link above – the Hbert;s think its worth over $1 due to selling all there RVs with it (so not worth what they are asking) – and yes it looks like crap and more than likely is BUT we can promise you that if you desire quiet neighbors and a great neighborhood – this is it! And horses a plus!!!!

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