Earth Day 2018 Watkins Dr Trash Clean Up

Thanks to the army of UCR student volunteers and neighbors that made our Earth Day efforts a huge success.

The Interfraternity Council  (IFC) helped recruit and organize students with an appreciation for place and willingness to contribute some sweat equity to the neighborhood.

Early arrivals getting caffeinated.


Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful supplied the tools, bags, gloves and safety vests.



Thanks to Jimmy Rodriguez from Riverside Public Works who loaned us a “Road Work Ahead” sign to help slow traffic on Watkins.

Thanks to Jimmy Rodriguez from Riverside Public Works for the safety sign to slow Watkins Dr traffic.


And last but perhaps most important, thanks to Jamie from Starbucks at UCR’s Glenmoor Market for providing some highly caffeinated fuel to get us started for the day.

UCR sherpa going the distance to clean up the hillsides


We filled over 50 trash bags including 4 Brown cans we had to borrow from neighbors because we ran out of bags.

Trailer load of trash

We pulled out 7 tires, 3 mattress and box springs, a car bumper, one refrigerator and a small mountain of dumped construction demo wood and one needle.

Long shot of a long morning’s work. Plus 4 borrowed brown cans. We were short bags.


Hats off to the student sherpas who climbed the hills and navigated the arroyos to recover the  illegal dumping and massive amounts of trash tossed from car windows.

Illegal Dumping


7 tires, construction demo, refrigerator and more


Sometimes it takes more than a village.

We could name all the establishments who probably don’t realize their good name is being literally trashed, but that’s for another time.

A herculean effort by UCR students and neighbors.

Right now, we’re all beat, happy and proud of the community spirit behind making the University Neighborhood the neighborhood of our dreams.

3 thoughts on “Earth Day 2018 Watkins Dr Trash Clean Up”

  1. Congratulations, you all deserve a “high-five” for doing such a remarkable job. Did not know about it, I may have been able to help too. I do my little “best” to pick up trash on Watkins (upper residential area, when I walk my dog every day. So proud of this neighborhood. Wish we could do something about Watkins Dr. area toward the freeway, and trim the brush along the curb, so that the bike riders have a saver usage of the road.

  2. Bravo Gutamantra, for leading student volunteers from UC Riverside to Watkins Drive, multiple times a year (for over a decade now) to address illegal dumping. We are lucky to have someone like you caring for Mother Earth in the City of Riverside! KRCB appreciates all that you do and for keeping our student volunteers safe in the process. See you soon, Connie

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