Measure L Loser 2 Redux?

Sunset Box Springs MountainsWho remembers Measure L from 2014? Who remembers Dan Bernstein​ singing “Noel, Noel” on YouTube?

 The developer, Terry Manley is threatening to come back in 2016 with the help of two opponents who fought him last year….yes, they are now part of  “Team Manley”.

 Currently 152 homes can legally be built under the current zoning. He is asking for 725 homes or approximately 5 TIMES that which is currently allowed. Last year he wanted over 1900 homes.

Can you see where this is starting to get insulting to the community?

 Allowing outside interests to set a value for our community’s assets is offensive. If it’s warehouses in the Northside, or housing in La Sierra, who says those are Riverside’s only two options?

Community members are speaking up and speaking out. There is  a new conversation about best use of our lands that includes all the environmental impacts and where our zoning protects or perverts our communities remaining open spaces.

RFSA_Logo Placeholder Riverside’s prosperity has always been tied to the community protecting our unique natural assets. Looks like we’re seeing this conversation move into even more communities faster than last time.

Maybe the idea of a robust agricultural economy that could be easily  developed by combining our ownership of water with the 19.5 million hungry consumers living within 90 miles of Riverside.. We can develop clean, sustainable businesses with real jobs if we talk more about how to best use our existing land and water resources. Housing and warehouses or food and prosperity for all? You decide.

Here’s what Dan had to say last time.

2 thoughts on “Measure L Loser 2 Redux?”

  1. I went to the meeting for the developer, Terry Manley and his “crew,” (Laura Pearson Densmore (ex-city-council member), Virginia Blumenthal (Riverisde Community College District board member), and Ken Gutierrez, another ex-city council member)) that was “hosted” by Ward 7’s new City Council member, John Burnard.
    A sitting city council member should not be hosting events for out-of-town developers. As Kevin Dawson pointed out, back when a developer wanted to meet with local residents to “tout” his development plan, and asked Andy Melendrez to “host” the event, our council member wisely pointed out that this was a conversation between the developer and the residents — and that the residents’ elected official should not be asked to “host” the developer’s meeting, and thus give the patina of official approval to such an event..
    Bob Buster and Mary Humboldt spent a LOT of their own money to offset all the money that Terry Manley poured into that last initiative. Their efforts are not about making money, but about SAVING the beauties of Riverside for generations to come. I hope that more people will step up and donate small sums to fight this next effort to turn Riverside’s hills into a nothing but a source of more and more traffic.

  2. As a resident of Norco, our roads and lifestyle are already pushed to the limits of our resources. This development on the fringe of our city will only worsen the already existing conditions. I am certainly not in favor of developing this precious Open Space. The drought and our water restrictions should be enough to stop this development cold.

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