Meet Your Neighgbors Event #2 The Neighborhood Love Affair Explodes

Meet Your Neighbors SignThe University Neighborhoods second “Meet Your Neighbors Event” connected over One hundred neighbors engaged into a personal inquiry into what a Neighborhood Of My Dreams looks like.

Another gorgeous day in Riverside greeted seventeen neighbor ambassadors who hosted and provided a space for their neighbors to meet each other as neighbors, and get connected.

Both long time and new neighbors easily sparked conversations about the University Neighborhood. Questions were answered, resources shared and a variety of new skills and expertise were  introduced.

A deeper appreciation about the University Neighborhood was balanced with an expanded understanding of the values, standards and the contributions that arose from University neighbors and that continue to inspire a deep love of place to the present day.

Neighbors got acquainted with representatives from the UNET Police officers,  UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox and his wife, Diane, UCR staff, new student neighbors  and each other.

The event was so successful that it portends to be a neighborhood version of a traditional  ‘pub crawl’ but taking  the form of a garden tour, art walk, sequential potluck or whatever creative idea is gets generated.










Chancellor Attendance Request

UCR Chancellor Briefing Template






2 thoughts on “Meet Your Neighgbors Event #2 The Neighborhood Love Affair Explodes”

  1. I agree, the 2nd MYN was a great success!
    Garden tours sound like a wonderful idea. And the idea of a progressive pot luck/dinner is exciting. What if we had random walk abouts?

    This is a wonderful neighborhood, well worth our efforts to maintain.
    Unfortunately, I have less time to contribute since school has started. But come summer, I will be on it 24/7.

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