UNA Meeting Agenda June 2017

Map and Directions To Crest Community Church

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Every Second Thursday

1. Welcome – Introductions                                                                              5 min.

2.  UCR Update – Jeff Kraus                                                                            10 min. 

3. Santa Ana Bike Ride & Festival Jacqueline Rodriguez                           10 min

4. UNET Report                                                                                                 10 min.   

5. Council Update – Andy Meledrez                                                                10 min.

6. Next Steps: __??                                                                                           45 min.

7.   Next Meeting: Thursday, July13 th, 2017      

8.   Northside Specific Plan Meetings  June 7, 10, 12th.                                                                        

Thank you for creating the neighborhood of your dreams.

One thought on “UNA Meeting Agenda June 2017”

  1. Quality of Life here in our neighborhood does not seem to be a priority for our city leaders. We continue to see rentals with 6 to 8 students residing in one house despite the city ordinances that allow for only 4. We continue to see trash cans left out on the street continuously, despite calls to code compliance requesting a drive by and enforcement. We continue to see many homes in our neighborhood that have dead lawns or completely overgrown weeds and unkempt landscaping. We continue to see trash placed out on the curbs that remain unpicked up for weeks at a time. We continue to see and hear vehicles racing up and down our streets, completely ignoring both the speed laws and the stop signs. We are being ignored and now are seeing owner flight as families and long time owners are selling out and more rentals are being created. Too sad… If Andy, Rusty or any of our other city leaders lived in our neighborhood – then we would see some action taken.

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