AG Park Residents Call To Action

Our city council recently tabled a vote and moved the item to the 9th meeting; Penny Newman, Executive Director for the Executive Director at Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ),  says more time is necessary before taking this critical vote.

There is an update on Ag Park/Arroyo Park.


Where                Terrace Elementary School

When                  Wednesday, May 27th

Time                   6 – 8 pm


Several TV news stations have been invited.

Below is an email sent to RRR members and local residents

Dear RRR members and friends within Riverside,

Are you wondering what is happening with the Ag Park?  Here is an update:

  • Steve Cox (owner) has changed the name from Ag Park to Arroyo Park
  • Tuesday April 28th, there was (is) to be a vote on the CFD (“Community Facilities District”. Staff saw a power point presentation last week by community members (who feel that additional testing is necessary).
  • Staff agreed that a vote on a CFD is premature and will recommend to our City Council that this vote be trailed to June 9th. (See below for definition of Community Facilities District)
  • This Tuesday at 3 pm, the Council Agenda is asking our city council to vote on the CFD; the hope is that they will follow staff recommendation to trail this vote to June 9th, in the evening, at the 7 pm Council meeting.

o   Why is this significant?  This vote will allow Steve Cox (the sole property owner) to vote to enact this “tax” to his “development of homes”; if our council votes in favor of the CFD, most likely Cox will go forward with development before any other discussion can be heard on the property…once he pours cement, do you see the project halting even if the “discovery” of toxic particles is discovered?

  • May 12, the Council plans to discuss Ag Park (Arroyo Park) in the evening.This could change, but that is what they are shooting for.
  • Who is working for YOU and the community on this to help our Council with their decision?Penny Newman (see below for information on Penny Newman) and concerned community members.
  • Ward 7 resident and RRR member, Jim Martin, speaks out at a City Council meeting: (you can watch it on at the following link)


This is a HOT topic; in more ways than one!  The problem:  most people are not aware of the history, discovery or current status of this property or the possible vote this coming Tuesday.  I have enclosed some information that will help you get “up to speed”; is written with a bias (most information does have a bias), but it (as stated) is factual.

Please read the PDF and if you feel that you would like the Council to delay its vote this Tuesday until further OUTSIDE testing is done, PLEASE email your City Council and ask them to delay the vote until the 9th of May when more information will be available for them on safety issues.  There is no harm in this small delay and it could prove beneficial for all of those who live near the park. Get the maps and history here:AG PARK (1).


If you want to contact the City Council members, it is EASY!  Select reply all; every council member will receive your email. State:

  • your name,
  • address
  • the desire to trail this vote or to go forward….

the decision is yours.  Keep the same subject in the subject line, which is:  “Ag Park/Arroyo Park Update”.

It is not often that your voice is heard; often it is because you have not been informed and the vote has been taken before you KNEW there was a vote.  This is your opportunity to be heard; take it!

The staff feels that they will recommend trailing this vote; they heard COMPELLING information regarding the safety of this property and they want our City Council to hold their vote until more information is available.  If you feel the same, ask your City Council to hold their votes and trail to the June 9th City Council meeting.  It is important for our elected representatives to know what their constituents want; it allows them to make choices for you as well as the betterment of the city.

Sharon Mateja

Chairperson RRR

Residents for Responsible Representation

We The People Grand Jury Convened On Ag Park AG PARK (1)If there are questions, modifications or corrections to this email, please contact me directly.

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