We The People Grand Jury Convened On Ag Park

We The People Grand Jury Convened On Ag Park

For far too long, the truth about the Ag Parkā€”it’s history, extent of contamination and extent of influence peddling by officials, developers, and the powerful has been hidden.

The approval to build homes on this property has raised the urgency for the truth to come out. Given the past history of deception by those involved, local residents are asking that independent testing be conducted before homes are built and families move in.

The community has two requests:
1) Independent verification that there is no contamination in the soil, ground water, or air.

2) Due to the past exposures to toxic chemicals from the shabby clean up and grading, local residents want their homes (attics, interior and yards) tested by an in-dependent consultant to ensure they are not continuing to be exposed.

If contaminants are found they want their homes cleaned inside and out like they are doing at the Exide site in Vernon.

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