Are We Being Railroaded By The Perris Valley Line?

The first of two public comment meetings on the Environmental Impact Report for the Perris Valley Line is April 14th and on the 22nd.

The EIR is supposed to be available at the public libraries. Recent reports to the contrary indicate they are missing in action at Riverside’s main library and they are certainly absent from the Highgrove Library.

You may recall Barney Barnett’s ongoing campaing – eight years now – to include the Highgrove location as part of the Metrolink plan.

The EIR doesn’t seem to adequately address the fact that the Highgrove location serves two rail lines, provides greater access and opens the project to an even larger ridership.  The criteria scores for the alternatives seem pretty weak.

Stopping to reverse direction seems like a small price to pay for securing a regionally beneficial, future option. And since we’re using scarce federal dollars, I suggest we all ask if this is really the best use of taxpayer funds. Is it really the best option for what’s urgently wanted and needed  for our transportation needs? You be the judge.

Does it offer access to the largest possible audience of taxpayers and riders?

It it the most highly leveraged solution for a regional rather than local transportation program?

How much more will it cost us in the future to secure the same result we should be considering right now?

Take a look at the mitigation measures.

Quiet Zones

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