Banking On Education

Wondering exactly how $1 trillion in student debt impacts you, or the entire American economy? We’ve got you covered.
We’ve put together an infographic that shows exactly what the student debt crisis means for Americans.

Take a look, then forward to your friends:

Student Debt in America

Here are just a couple key points:

— Since 2002, student debt in America has quintupled from $200 billion to $1.1 trillion
— 62% of workers aged 30-39 have insufficient resources for retirement — meaning less money on critical neccessities like housing, food, and medicine
— If Congress doesn’t act by July 1st, the average student will owe an extra $2,564 — but if we pass Sen. Warren’s plan, they’ll save $6,552

As the critical deadline looms (just ten days away!), we’ve got to get the word out. Forward this to your friends and family today.

Thanks for all you do,

Democracy for America

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