BNSF City Quiet Zone Update

BNSF Quiet Zone update week ending July 15th

·         The construction contract for the Jane Street closure was advertised for bids and will close July 19th.  Construction will tentatively start in late August.

·         Bids for the Jackson Street improvements (sidewalks and medians) have been opened City Council approved contract award on June 21, 2011.  Construction is expected to begin in late-July.

·         Remaining crossings:

-     For the remaining crossings the City received an additional agreement for crossing surface agreements from the BNSF.

The agreements continue to be in review by Public Works  and the City Attorney’s Office.

-          A meeting occurred with BNSF on July 13th to discuss the construction and maintenance agreement for signals.  BNSF will revise and agreement and send to the City for review.

-          Strategy for the crossing improvements is for the  Railroad to begin panel installation at 14 crossings this summer and complete after fourth quarter shut down.  (During the fourth quarter work is not permitted in the railroad right-of-way.)

Beginning January 2012, the BNSF will complete the concrete panel installation and the City will begin construction of the  curb, gutter, & sidewalk improvements.  The anticipated date to complete installation of the railroad signal equipment is the end of 2012.


If you know of anyone else that would like to receive these updates, please forward their information, or have them give me a call.



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