Candidate Forum Ward 7

RRR’s April meeting will be the Ward 7 Forum!  

6 Candidates are vying for this council seat…remember, each city councilman has 1/7 vote for ALL city issues and ward issues requiring a vote.  If you are in Ward 6 it is important for you to attend; these candidates are looking for votes and VISIBILITY.  If there is a candidate you like, you can support them with yard signs, business cards that you can carry and hand out at stores, church and events.

 Ward 7 residents are our neighbors and they drive down our streets and shop at many of the same stores; your opinion could be influential for the city and your Ward (6 or 7).

 WHEN:                       Wednesday April 24, 2019

Where:                      Loma Vista Middle School

11050 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 9250   

It is EASY to find and EASY to park. The parking lot Is next to the entrance, very little walking!


Time:     6:30 pm for socialization and visiting the candidates tables

 7:00 pm Welcome

Moderator:               Former Mayor Ron Loveridge

 Thank you all for the questions you have sent in…what do you think are the top three issues you would like addressed by our candidates?

 Sharon Mateja

Chairperson RRR

 This is who’s running for Riverside City Council in June 2019

In an all-mail election, voters will choose representatives for Wards 1, 3, 5 and 7.

By RYAN HAGEN | | The Press-Enterprise

PUBLISHED: March 15, 2019 at 5:13 pm | UPDATED: March 16, 2019 at 2:20 pm

The list of Riverside City Council candidates for the June election is final.

Four City Council seats are up for election, with the incumbent running for re-election in only one of them.

Ward 3 Councilman Mike Soubirous and Ward 5 Councilman Chris Mac Arthur announced in the past year that they wouldn’t run for re-election, while Ward 7 Councilman Steve Adams said when he was appointed in September 2017 that he had no interest in seeking re-election.

That means more than half of the City Council could have new representatives later this year.

Candidates may file to run as a write-in candidate between April 8 and May 21.

Ballots must be mailed to voters between May 6 and May 25.

The deadline to return a ballot in the all mail-in election is June 4. If no candidate in one of the races receives a majority of the vote, a run-off would pit the top two finishers against each other in November.

Here are the candidates for each ward and their employment, based on information they gave when they ran for office or in campaign materials.

Ward 1

Philip J. Falcone, former assistant in Riverside mayor’s office

Erin Edwards, nonprofit manager

Mike Gardner, Ward 1 councilman

Ward 3

Richard Rubio, government relations officer/planning commissioner

Darryl Martin (Jalani Bakari), educator/grant facilitator

Stevie S. Taken, tenant relations manager

James “Warren” Avery, III, businessman/father

Ronaldo Fierro, Riverside commissioner/restaurateur

Wayne J. Skiles, gemologist

Lori A. Pelgone, payroll manager

Ward 5

Sean H. Mill, businessman/planning commissioner/coach

Gabriela Plascencia, counselor

Jose L. Armas, business owner


Ward 7

William D. Pearce, educator

Steven Hemenway, educator/finance director

Maartin J. Rossouw, small business owner/planning commissioner

John D. Denilofs, work-at-home dad

Rodrigo Torres Jr., small business owner

Thomas L. Jordan, IT professional

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to show that Richard Rubio and Maartin Rossouw are planning commissioners.

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