City Council Passes A “Harmless” Ordinance

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Riverside homeowners (listen up, UCR-area landlords) must now get a permit to rent to more than two unrelated peeps.  So decreed the City Council Tuesday.

What kind of wallop does this new law pack? Councilman Ken Gutierrez: “It does no harm. It may help.”

A harmless ordinance! Just what UCR’s about-to-snap homeowners (who live in their own homes) were yearning for!

Once landlords get a permit, they may rent to up to four tenants. This has been the legal limit all along. But (spoiler alert!) landlords already legally carve up living rooms and rent to six, eight or more students. (I hope council members don’t read this. It might shock them.)

This new ordinance — a sheep in sheep’s clothing — won’t “help” at all unless cops, code enforcers and UCR babysitters do their jobs. Which is to say, enforce the laws (or as they like to say, use the “tools”) that already exist: Respond to complaints promptly and hold students’ and landlords’ happy feet to the fire.

That’s all these residents want. Soon, students will trickle back to their rentals and we’ll see if that’s what the residents finally get.


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