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Building Riverside’s Local Food Future

Wear Your Stretchy Pants!  Join Us In Building Riverside’s Local Food Future

Showcasing the Bounty of Locally-Grown Fruits and Vegetables

Grow Riverside Community Dinner RUSD KitchenMeet Chef Ryan Douglas. His accomplishments have been admired on several levels including commendation from First Lady Michelle Obama and an invitation to help launch the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative. Chef Ryan is the culinary ambassador and professional expert chef for the FRESH Meals @ Schools project administered by the California Department of Agriculture.

Saturday evening’s locally-sourced menu will be specially prepared by RUSD’s Executive Chef Ryan Douglas and staff. As Executive Chef, Douglas creates fun, fresh menus to positively impact the health and well-being of the 43,000+ students across the district. With more than 30 years of experience in institutional cooking, kitchen management, and senior administration, Chef Ryan’s expertise in culinary arts and nutrition provides inspiration to recipe platforms showcasing the bounty of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy a delicious sampling of the locally-sourced talents at this Saturday’s Dinner in the KITCHEN from 5:30 to 9:30 pm. This is a farm-to-fork meal you do not want to miss (and come wearing your stretchy pants)!

Tickets for Dinner in the KITCHEN are available HERE.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet for the 3rd Annual GrowRIVERSIDE Conference: Cultivating Our Future, it’s not too late to catch the early bird special!  Learn more


Dinner In The Kitchen

Dinner In The Kichen

RUSD Central Kitchen Food MasteryEnjoy an evening of friends, entertainment, fabulous locally-sourced food and mocktails at Riverside Unified School District’s Central Kitchen on Saturday, January 30, 2016.

Keeping aligned with the GrowRIVERSIDE initiative, the evening will connect those working together to strengthen our community for a sustainable future!

Check out upcoming Grow Riverside 2016 events

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Community Gathering Mar 4th – A Grower’s Forum

Grow Riverside Conference Mar 21

Citrus Circle Dinner – Mar 21

Farm Tour – Mar 22

Riverside Green Fest and Summit – April 23

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Measure L Loser 2 Redux?

Sunset Box Springs MountainsWho remembers Measure L from 2014? Who remembers Dan Bernstein​ singing “Noel, Noel” on YouTube?

 The developer, Terry Manley is threatening to come back in 2016 with the help of two opponents who fought him last year….yes, they are now part of  “Team Manley”.

 Currently 152 homes can legally be built under the current zoning. He is asking for 725 homes or approximately 5 TIMES that which is currently allowed. Last year he wanted over 1900 homes.

Can you see where this is starting to get insulting to the community?

 Allowing outside interests to set a value for our community’s assets is offensive. If it’s warehouses in the Northside, or housing in La Sierra, who says those are Riverside’s only two options?

Community members are speaking up and speaking out. There is  a new conversation about best use of our lands that includes all the environmental impacts and where our zoning protects or perverts our communities remaining open spaces.

RFSA_Logo Placeholder Riverside’s prosperity has always been tied to the community protecting our unique natural assets. Looks like we’re seeing this conversation move into even more communities faster than last time.

Maybe the idea of a robust agricultural economy that could be easily  developed by combining our ownership of water with the 19.5 million hungry consumers living within 90 miles of Riverside.. We can develop clean, sustainable businesses with real jobs if we talk more about how to best use our existing land and water resources. Housing and warehouses or food and prosperity for all? You decide.

Here’s what Dan had to say last time.

Ten Days Left To Claim A Role In Riverside’s Local Food Economy

RFSA_Logo PlaceholderWe have 10 Days to claim our place in Riverside’s Local Food Economy.

A $25 LOAN will secure one of those initial milestones that we’ll all look back on and say, “I helped make that happen.”

This loan might just turn out to be the best investment any of us could make in our community. Make Your Loan Here! 

Scott Brendt Fox Farm Kiva Appeal

Big Springs Valencia Hill Median Make Over Before

Our second Green Team Median Make Over is underway. Thanks to the quick work made

of the demolition by City Public Works crew David Perkins, Alex Ayer and Mike Bolin (operating the back hoe). A cheerful bunch who thought we had a great idea in transforming a patch of asphalt in the midst of more asphalt, into a drought tolerant, community sourced, urban green space. Check it out.

Planting Party Up Next

The Planting Party is set for Saturday, August 22 at 4 p.m. Wear gloves. Bring a shovel.

The weather will be great. GTV will be there. See you there.
Big Springs Rd Valencia Hill Dr Median Make Over Before



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Grow Riverside Community Gathering

Hello All!

I wanted to remind you that the second “GrowRIVERSIDE Community Gathering” is coming up next Thursday, May 7 at Dale’s Senior Center in White Park from 6:00pm – 8:30pm.

Sponsor Woodfire Cafe (a local Riverside food business), which serves up the best Neapolitan-style pizza in the Inland Empire, will be providing pizza for attendees to sample and discussing their desire to source more local ingredients from surrounding farmers.

The event will feature a panel discussion with local Riverside food business owners and presentations by Angela Janus, Founder of ShareKitchen, on how the company’s incubator program works to help value-added local food businesses grow and thrive in Riverside, and Nick Melquiades of the Riverside Food Co-op, who will discuss how the group works with the community and provides new market access for local farmers.


There will also be an open forum discussion in which attending community members will have the floor to discuss any local food initiatives that they are working on and how others in the community can get involved.
  • Angela Janus – Angela  is the Executive Director and Founder of ShareKitchen, a Non-Profit Kitchen Incubator program located in the Coachella Valley cities of Cathedral City and Coachella. ShareKitchen provides business development and support services to culinary entrepreneurs including access to a fully licensed and insured shared commercial kitchen.
  • Jesse Casillas – Jesse is the owner and founder of Woodfire Cafe, which offers the finest quality Neapolitan style pizzas in the Inland Empire.
  • Laurie Goalen-Anderson – Laurie is the Founder of Etta Mae Gourmet, a home-based business (officially known as a “cottage food operation”) located in Downtown Riverside, California. She specializes in making homemade jams & preserves using seasonal, locally grown fruits. Laurie has produced several “award-winning” jams and preserves several of which placed at the 2014 California State Fair, including a 1st place for Tropical Citrus Jam.
  • Nick Melquiades – Nick is a member of the Riverside Food Co-op’s CORE (Community of Outstanding and Resourceful Entrepreneurs) Team. Formed in 2012, the Riverside Food Co-op (RFC) has eventual plans to open a store. The RFC has been incorporated for the past year, and although it does not yet operate a store, it currently offers Crop Boxes to members.
  • Curtis Cruz – Curtis is founder of My Goodness, a local cottage food organization in the City of Riverside dedicated to producing high quality artisan breads.
So, register here and bring your business cards and appetite:


Homegrown Riverside Recipe Contest

As part of Grow Riverside we are launching the “Home-Grown Riverside” recipe contest with this as the inaugural year.  The contest intends to highlight the abundance of local food in the Riverside area and inspire new recipes and ways of cooking throughout our greater Riverside community.  Puff Pastry Veggies

Home-Grown Riverside aims to connect with chefs, food entrepreneurs, cottage food providers and home cooks.

Contest winners will be announced at the Grow Riverside Conference.  The 1st place winner will have their recipe featured for distribution at Community Day.  Applications will be received from now until the end of May!  Please click here for contest details.

Please spread the word and share this contest on your list serves, garden councils, FB pages, linked-in pages and any other social media!

And, if you have not yet registered for the Grow Riverside Conference please register right away!  Go to the Grow Riverside website ( or the eventbrite page:

Thank you for your help!