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Riverside Among World’s Most Livable Cities

Well no kidding! I’ve always thought so. How about you? Nice to know the rest of the world is taking notice.  Seizing Our Destiny looks a lot like a City Of Our Dreams – right now!

I do find it ironic that on the same day our livability gets proclaimed, we’re requesting a halt to medical marijuana dispensaries? I would think that the ‘holistic approach’ would include more leadership in the area of health outcomes for everyone.  Particularly in view of the statistics from our school districts. Creating the conditions for positive health impacts for our neighbors is our best shot at actually living in one of the world’s most livable cities.

Public Records Requests Stonewalled In Bell, Riverside

Apparently residents of Bell are not alone in having their public records requests unanswered as dictated by law. Riverside has also been playing the stall, stonewall and shred approach.

Edward Lee, Bell’s city attorney responsible for drafting the pay packages has just announced his resignation from  Riverside’s Best, Best & Krieger. For a little back story, read Dan Bernstein.

Public records requests to the City of Riverside regarding their contracts with BB &K have gone unanswered. If we’ve learned anything form the Bell example, it’s that if citizens fail to pay attention to how their city is run,  they could find themselves with very serious, long term consequences.

Here’s  a quick look at how Riverside pay stacks up with other Inland Empire cities. We don’t want any time bombs going off here in Riverside now do we?

It’s time for the City to step up and in the interest of transparency and good public policy, make good on all the outstanding Freedom Of Information requests or publicly announce why that’s not possible.

Berkeley Bicycle Dispute Goes Viral

Could there be too much success when it comes to adopting a bicycle centered transportation approach?

UC Berkeley police say they have issued 103 bike citations from August to November, a 41% increase over the same period last year, nabbing students for riding through designated “dismount zones” and locking their bikes to railings instead of often-overfilled racks.

UC Berkeley students — already squeezed by steep tuition increases — are banding together

to protest campus citations for bike infractions that run $220 apiece and exceed many vehicle violations.  And well they should.

Let’s hope we plan for a much better outcome in Riverside. No one except ousted City of Bell officials would sign off on that.