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Leave A Voicemail At CPUC – Underground RTRP

Hi Power Transmission Tower

Your voice is needed. I am making an appeal for you to make a phone call and leave a voicemail. Or, write a letter.

If you Call: (You can do both!)


  • #1 for English
  • #4 to comment and include the Utility Company name and the proceeding number   RE: A.15-04-013, Edison, Riverside Transmission Reliability Project
  • Your comment will be given to every commissioner reviewing the petition.
    • Give the hearing # A.15-04-013 Riverside Transmission Reliability Project
    • Give your position, such as:  “I want you to approve the City of Norco’s petition to underground this project:”

The voicemail and  letter can be as short as you would like.  I recommend keeping a voicemail and letter short. Say this:

“My name is ________, and I am asking the CPUC to approve Norco’s petition to underground the Riverside Transmission Reliability Project.  RE: A.15-04-013 – Full undergrounding of Riverside Transmission Reliability Project as proposed by Petition from the City of Norco in Riverside County.”

 Say anything you would like after that, but end with the same request!  Use any of the letter points in your voicemail if you like.

RTRP Route Map

If you can do more, Write a letter to the CPUC;  Use the sample letter. Send a word doc to Sharon Mateja,

She will forward to the City of Norco to scan them on Monday and forward them on our behalf to the CPUC.  Or, Mail it yourself.

We need a data set filled with community voices. Spread the word. This is a short and sweet moment to make a difference.  The review starts Tuesday Nov 14th. Your voice will determine the legacy we leave future residents


Sample Letter Text

Alice Bushing Reynolds, President

Genevieve Shiroma, Commissioner

Darcie L. Hauck, Commissioner

John Reynolds, Commissioner

Karen Douglas, Commissioner

505 Van Ness Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94102


RE: A.15-04-013 – Full undergrounding of Riverside Transmission Reliability Project as proposed by Petition from the City of Norco in Riverside County

Dear Madame President and Commissioners:

I write this letter in support of fully undergrounding the Riverside Transmission Reliability Project (RTRP). While I recognize the need for a transmission project in our county, I want to urge the Commission to re-evaluate its prior decisions in this matter and require the undergrounding of the project.

Since the last review by the Commission, much has changed that demands undergrounding of the project. Most significant among these new factors are the rapidly expanding threats from wildfires in the region. Fighting wildfires in California has become one of the major undertakings for our state and local communities. Overhead transmission lines will limit the firefighters from using planes and helicopters to fight the fires. And, these air attack resources are critical to stopping the spread of wildfires. Even worse, overhead transmission lines can be the cause of these conflagrations.

Earlier in your deliberations, you decided to underground a portion of the RTRP because of its impact on poorer neighborhoods in Riverside County. Jurupa Valley was wise enough to pursue this with the Commission, and it is time for the Commission to realize that these same issues exist in other areas now scheduled for aerial transmission lines. Please underground the RTRP through these areas of our county, as well.

One final thought—Southern California Edison (SCE) has made much of the impact of the RTRP project on ratepayers of the county. As you know, however, this is not nearly as impactful as described by SCE. The costs of undergrounding this project are spread among the ratepayers in the service area of the ISO, not just the territory of SCE. Please do not be blindsided by SCE’s assertions in this matter.

In conclusion, please support the undergrounding of the RTRP in Riverside County. Thank you,

(Sign Name Here)


RTRP Update

Hi Power Transmission TowerMost Current Talking Points

Coalition of Riverside City Council & Norco to underground High Transmission Lines Norco will spend approximately $300,000 to $500,000 in this effort.

Edison is engaging in a full-court, behind the scenes press distributing misinformation. Facts:

  • Project will not cost a “billion dollars”
  • Project is not shovel ready
  • The project regardless of above or below ground will be spread out over every rate payer in the state – either way will cost approximately $1.00 additional per year. (Cal Strategies: Steve Larson & Hope Christman/CPUC)
  • We will be petitioning for the entire length of line: under river, Norco, County, La Sierra (we are correcting the press release)
  • No Riverside residents’ rates will go up more then a dollar per year due to this project
  • Norco has hired the same attorney and consultant who undergrounded Jurupa Valley and Chino Hills
  • Undergrounding in the EIR was deemed the superior way to go but it was not explored.
  • In the short term undergrounding disturbs the area but in the long term is better for the environment
  • When high transmission lines go up, it impedes the ability for helicopters to drop water on fires – that is exactly what saved Norco during the two large fires on our SW and SE quadrant – without those helicopters Norco would have been in trouble.
  • The center of Norco is rated highest for fire danger.
  • The river bottom is an urban forest – the EIR downplays the vegetation
  • The City of Riverside invested in new helicopters that may not be able to function effectively with smoke obscuring the transmission lines.
  • The EIR was completed prior to the devastating Paradise Fire, Norco’s two major fires and Lahaina.
  • The Santa Ana winds reach a higher wind speed then the hurricane winds that caused the Lahaina fire.
  • Hope Christman, our areas CPUC Rep is creating a fact sheet with additional information

We need a strong response from elected who carry more weight with the CPUC: we need specifically targeted letters to both electeds and CPUC. In the next few days we will be releasing talking points.  Below are elected officials to contact and status of their support and our ask: please be respectful.

We Are Just Getting Started Sign






Senator Alex Padilla (310) 231-4494

Is looking for a way to fund the undergrounding – send letters to encourage.

Congressman Ken Calvert Office (951) 277-0042

He is in full support and is currently working on figuring out the status of the re-alignment of the high transmission lines through the Hidden Valley Nature Preserve. We need a full-support letter.

Congressman Mark Takano (951) 222-0203

Is in full support, is working with Calvert to underground. Need letters of encouragement and strong support letter.

Senator Richard Roth Office (951) 680-6750

Says he is supporting and has sent a rep to all RTRP meetings.  Need a stronger letter that excludes the time restriction and claim of no support should rates go up (this is a false narrative being pushed by Edison)

Senator Kelly Seyarto Office (951) 280-1260

Fully in support and onboard: Letters of support and ask to continue are appropriate.

Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes Office (951) 371-6860
Fully supports and is on board – but, as in the case of Senator Roth, we need a stronger letter of absolute support.

Assemblymember Bill Essayli Phone (951) 369-6644
Fully on board and helped bring Riverside and Norco councils together.

First District County Board Supervisor Kevin Jeffries Office (951) 955-1010

Kevin Jeffries told me he was on board and then pulled out stating the process has gone on too long and expressed concerns incorrectly about costs.  He seems to believe Edison and the ask is to fully support the fact that Riverside and Norco have formed and alliance and Norco is spending big bucks to do the right thing – he needs to get on board.

Second District County Board Supervisor Karen Spiegel Office (951) 955-1020

She is supportive and was going to agendize for a vote but it seems Edison is strong arming the Supervisors to stay quiet. Need letters encouraging her to support and agendize issue.  It will not look good if it is agendized and only she votes yes – those voting no will not look so good.

Third District County Board Supervisor Chuck Washington
Office (951) 955-1030

Has stated to me he supports undergrounding – election year, send letters to encourage full support.

Fourth District County Board Supervisor V. Manuel Perez
district4@rivco.orgOffice (951) 955-1040

Do not know him – send letters to support

Fifth District County Board Supervisor Yxstian Gutierrez
district5@rivco.orgOffice (951) 955-1050

Told me he supports Norco’s position. Send letters to encourage unqualified support.

Riverside City Council

There appears to be a deadline of September 30 – we are working really hard to have our petition in and to have the funding or a chunk in place.  Steve and Chuck have done a wonderful job but holding that majority together seems to be tough. Particularly given that staff is little help.  Please write each and thank them for support and encourage to do the right thing.

Erin Edwards

Has opposed vocally the coalition – letters encouraging her to support.

Mayor Lock Dawson

On board – thank you.

Clarissa Cervantes

Strongly n board – thank and encourage                                           

Ronaldo Fierro

Strongly on board – say thank you

Chuck Conder

Organized the coalition – say thank you

Gaby Plascencia

Opposes at times – encourage support

Jim Perry

Opposes at times – encourage support

Steve Hemenway

Strongly on board and helping to organize

Watkins Dr Bike Lane Parking

Here’s an update on Watkins Dr. UCR side parking. Nathan suggested a possible solution. I sent him video over July 4th, when little parking was evident.
The links are below in the email.
Hi Nathan,
It was good of you to join us at June’s NBT (Neighbors Better Together) meeting. You mentioned we might be able to restripe and eliminate the parking by using some sort of barrier.
I noticed that there have been some preliminary layout
marks to move the lanes Eastward slightly. In light of the neighbors desire to fulfill on the Neighborhood Specific Plan, and the support for world class bike lanes, would it be prudent to discuss barrier options before the re-stripping is done? Can we get bike land stripping on both sides of Watkins?
If we can come up with a plan over the next few weeks, we should be able to have the project ready for the start of the Fall Quarter. That would be the least disruptive time for this project to be reintroduced.
I took some video of each side of the street when the students were away for the before the 4th of July weekend.  Both are under two minutes. You might want to lower the audio to eliminate the wind noise. I had my arm outside holding the phone.
It’s a little fast but once you pass UCR’s Corp. Yard entrance, you start to see the vegetation growing along the curb. This is where the broken glass and trash winds up and the street sweeper never gets to it.
I’m at your service should you have a need to discuss this. Thanks for coming up with a creative potential solution. The neighbors will be very pleased.

Volunteer Opportunities

Watkins Dr. Clean Up

Sat. May  13


Piccacho & Watkins Dr.

Flag  Volunteers NeededMemorial Day CemetaryFlags

Riverside National Cemetery is asking for volunteers . 260,000 graves need flags.

8 a.m. May 27 th  put out flags May 30 to retrieve the flags.  Combine patriotism with a healthy walk.  Wear good walking shoes and spend as much time as you have to give.  Thank you.  Cheryl Dumaine



Community Needs Assessment Survey

Community Needs Assessment Survey

We are looking for many friends to help us share this community needs assessment survey with as many Riverside County residents as possible.

Community Needs Assessment Survey Flyer 2023This survey data is collected annually by Community Action Partnership and Inland SoCal United Way, and helps to drive priorities for CAP programs to align with community interests and needs. If you’re curious about what CAP does, check out their website:

Surveys are intended for residents of Riverside County. You may choose to remain anonymous, or include contact information to be eligible for prizes. For questions, please ask Mark at the contact info below. Survey deadline: May 15th.

Please spend a few moments to take the survey and share with your friends and neighbors. Here are links to the flyers in English and Spanish.



Planning Commission To Re Zone Park For STEM High School

The proposed STEM school site on Blaine and Canyon Crest, contains two parcels of property.
One belonging to UCR, the other to the city of Riverside.
This Thursday, Feb 16 at 9am at city hall, RUSD will be presenting to the city’s planning commission a proposal to change the zoning on the city owned property in order to build the school. After hearing the presentation, the commission will make its recommendation to the city council for a final vote.
Make an E Comment, Call in or Zoom it.
We need everyone to come to the meeting or contact the planning commission to let them know our concerns about these possible changes and the impact they will have on our community.
Because this is a zoning meeting, it has been highly recommended that we focus our opposition to the zone change on issues that we feel will impact our community.  Key factors to consider are:
  • This is not a neighborhood school where traditionally students walk to.  This is a commuter school bringing school buses and hundreds of cars into our area.
  • District’s proposal indicates 1,200 students and 60 staff members. The proposal does not address the need for a parking lot to accommodate this many people. There are no places for parents to line up when dropping off and picking up students on Blaine, Canyon Crest, Rustin and Linden.
  • The proposal is to have the flow of school traffic go from Blaine to Canyon Crest then right onto the narrow parking lot by the ball fields, then exiting onto Rustin.  Rustin is a very narrow two lane street already jammed with apt. cars parking on both sides of the street.  Traffic from the STEAM school on the corner of Rustin and Linden already is impacting Linden and Rustin.
  • There is no legal parking/waiting on either side of Blaine.
  • UCR will begin the 2nd phase of building a 1,600 student dorm from Blaine towards Linden across from the proposed STEM site. The parking lot for the dorm will be similar to the one near Watkins with egress and ingress onto Blaine. This will severely impact traffic flow around Blaine and Canyon Crest
  • With the 1,260 STEM population, along with 1,600 UCR dorm students, rezoning will result in nearly 3,000 people crammed into a very small block area.
  • Canyon Crest is a two lane road already jammed with RTA buses, commuter cars, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Rezoning will eliminate the only developed Park and Rec facility in our community. We may lose our baseball/softball and soccer fields .  This field is used often by UCR intramural sports, community sport clubs and other community organizations needing a large field.
  •  Less than a 1/2 mile from the proposed school, plans are to tear down the old Kmart on 3rd and Iowa and construct a 1-3 bedroom complex adding hundreds of cars onto Blaine/3rd and Iowa.
  • Less than 1/2 mile from the proposed school site is the new warehouse on the corner of Watkins and Spruce, which will now bring commercial trucks into our neighborhood.
  • With the STEM traffic, UCR dorm(s) traffic, the new apt. complex at Kmart traffic, the warehouse on Spruce and Watkins trucks, the cross town commuters by passing the freeway, traffic jams already around the North High School, University Heights Middle and Highland Elementary school, rezoning this property is detrimental in increasing harmful carbon emissions from cars, buses and trucks into the air affecting especially those with health issues, our children and the elderly living in our neighborhoods.
  • We must first ask for a denial for this zone change or a least ask for a postponement on rezoning until an in-depth traffic and environmental study independent of the district is conducted.
  • We must demand that the district present a detailed plan to the commission and to the community addressing our concerns with traffic, parking and environmental issues before a decision is made to rezone, something the district has denied us for years.
We need you to contact the planning commission expressing your opposition to rezoning the city property. 
Email the commissioners at  There is no individual email for each commissioner. Your email will be disseminated to each commissioner.
You are limited to 3 minutes if participating orally on Thursday, Feb 16 at 9am.
  1. Speak in person on Thursday, Feb16 at city hall.
  2. Calling in at (669) 900-6833 and enter Meeting ID: 926 9699 1265. Press star 9 (*9) to request to speak.  Individuals in the queue will be prompted to press star 6 (*6) to unmute and speak.
  3. By zoom at:  . Select the “raise hand” function to request to speak.  An on-screen message will prompt you to “unmute” and speak.
Follow along with the meeting via or Riverside TV
cable channels,
Please pass this along to family and neighbors.  Any additional comments to add to the list are welcomed.



Warehouses & Your Call To Action

Inland Empire Warehouses along 15 Freeway looking N to mountains

It’s time for another R-NOW 5-minute action.
This one is a public comment for the City of Riverside Land Use Planning Committee meeting on Monday, Feb. 13th.  We want to support the policy recommendations made by City staff to strengthen the Good Neighbor Guidelines for warehouses and clarify some important ones for the Committee to consider.
  1. CLICK HEREto automatically open the email or cut and paste the text from below
  2.  Sign your name and zip code (Do not skip this step)
  3.  Send
Of course, if you can make comments in person at the City Council Chambers on Monday, February 13 at 3:30 pm, that would be great.
You can also call in. For the agenda and information on the meeting, click here.
Talking Points For Your Comments:

Subject: Land Use Planning Public Comment for Agenda Item 2

Dear Land Use Planning Committee,

As a member of Riverside Neighbors Opposing Warehouses (R-NOW), I would like to thank the City of Riverside Land Use, Sustainability, and Resilience Committee and City Staff for putting together the Matrix of Potential Policy Actions to improve land use within the City. R-NOW supports all the sustainable development and notice requirements proposed.

Of utmost importance, we want to strongly support p.3 of the matrix on Good Neighbor Guidelines:

1. Amend Development Standards/GNG 2020 to include protections for additional Sensitive Receptors – we again ask for a Title 19.130 category that limits building sizes to <500,000 square feet within 1,500 feet of homes.

2. Revise FAR and maximum building size adjacent to sensitive receptors – Allow no more than 3 buildings of any size category adjacent to sensitive receptors with a cumulative maximum size of no more than 3x the max building size within that distance range (less than 200’ – 30,000 sq.ft., 200-800 feet, 300,000 sq.ft. 800-1500 feet, 1,500,000 sq.ft.)

Thank you for bringing this forward. We firmly believe that the City of Riverside can and should lead the region towards more sensible zoning that puts quality of life on equal footing with economic development.


<name + neighborhood or zip code>

Quick reminder: If you have any questions or issues to discuss, please reply to me.
In Solidarity,



Entergy Louisiana Proposes $5B Grid Resilience Plan with 10 Potential Microgrids

Louisiana Power Lines Downed by Storm Damage

A scale version of this would be very doable within RPU’s service territory. Louisiana officials are smart in that they recognize the benefits of deploying hybrid sources of generation, which buys you resiliency, flexibility and adaptability.

And again, the big win is…. we would OWN the sources of generation!

Read the story here.

UCR North District 2 Public Meeting

UCR North District 2 Housing Conceptual Rendering

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) will be holding the first of two community project review meetings to discuss the proposed North District Phase 2 Project.

The community meeting will be held in person at the UCR Alumni Visitor Center from 6:00p.m. – 7:00p.m. on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

Two hours of free parking (5:30p.m. – 7:30p.m.) will be available to all attendees within the Bannockburn South Parking Lot (see attached PDF with meeting location and parking).  You will need to provide your license plate and email address at the following link prior to or day of the community meeting to avoid a parking violation:

This will be an opportunity to learn more about the project, provide feedback/comments, and meet project team members.

The proposed North District Phase 2 would include approximately 1,600 student housing beds and ancillary amenity spaces in apartment-style units, within approximately 425,000 gross square feet of new construction.

The proposed project will also include parking and recreational fields. The project site is located on the northeastern corner of W. Linden Street and Canyon Crest Drive.

A copy of the meeting flyer which includes additional information and a project location map is provided on the following website under Community Meetings –

For more information, or to submit questions or comments before or after the meeting, please contact:
Melissa Garrety, Planner
UCR Planning, Design & Construction
(951) 827-7376