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Red-Light Cameras Prompt Revenue Questions, LAPD Reports Accidents Curbed

The photo enforcement program, which catches tens of thousands of violators annually, appears to be generating about $3.8 million a year in traffic ticket revenue, said Senior Administrative Analyst Matt Crawford. That is millions less than some previous police department estimates, and roughly what the program costs, mostly for fees paid to a private contractor that supplies and operates the camera systems. Read the full story from the LA Times.

Corona Mayor Launches Facebook Campaign Against Red-Light Cameras

It seems it’s not only “we the people” who are revisiting the wisdom of extracting time and revenue out of the local tax base in service to public safety.  Maybe this isn’t such  a good investment after all. Find out why Corona Mayor Steve Nolan is going it solo for the voters.

Find out where the red light cameras are here in Riverside.

Tricks and Adaptations for a New Market Economy.