Cool California City Challenge

The City of Riverside wants your help! Our community has a chance to become California’s Coolest City by participating in the CoolCalifornia City Challenge. 
Now through August 31, sign up and commit to reducing your carbon footprint to help Riverside earn points and compete against other California cities. 
The more points Riverside earns, the closer we get to becoming California’s Coolest City.

And, there’s even prize money – $100,000 will be distributed to participating cities!


Signing up is easy:


1.       Click here to sign up.


2.       Take the CoolCalifornia City Challenge survey (each survey is worth 500 points!)

3.       Spread the word – Tell other Riverside residents about the CoolCalifornia City Challenge and encourage them to sign up!
Learn more by visiting, or call 951-826-5817.






Want to help save water, too?  Then check out the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation and sign the pledge.

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