Do You Have Any Extra Men’s Shoes To Share?

Have you got any men’s athletic shoes that you are not wearing?

Steppin' On Up Logo Steppin’ On Up has a  huge demand for men’s shoes.  There are many more homeless men homeless than there are women and children.

They have ample children’s shoes and women’s shoes.

Please check you closets. They have no men’s shoes to share.

Will you help?  If you do not have shoes, will you share this with others you come in contact with?  Can you share this with your churches, or other orgs you belong to?  We are in desperate need.

Please call  Henry Funderburk,  Founder & President of Steppin’ On Up at:

4580 Emerson St.,  Riverside, CA  92506

Phone: (951) 213 – 6297  Fax: (951) 742 – 5798

or email:

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