Earth Day Celebration Bursting With Possibility . . . In You!

Well Happy Earth Day! Today is Earth Day.  Seems like only 40 years ago I was getting lit up by Earth Day and with some of  Mother Earth’s medicinal plants.

Tomorrow we  Kick Off at 8. a.m. at Goodwin’s parking lot. Volunteers for trash pick up and weeding sign in and pick up your tools. We’ve got a mega load of mulch arriving courtesy of Tim at Burrtec Industries.  We’re going to apply it where needed. Nice to see some of what we send them coming back to our gardens.

Stop by, hang out,drink some free coffee courtesy of Councilman Andy Melendrez and Andy Plumley of UCR. Get acquainted over what we love about the University Neighborhood.

Special thanks to the UCR student groups promoting our neighborhood event. Keep the tweets and Facebook posts going.  Lots of creative energy happening on campus and in the neighborhood.






See you tomorrow!

Picnic For The Planet

A Billion Acts Of Green

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