Emergency Vehicles Coming To Campus Wednesday

Nothing to worry about if you happen to see hundreds of emergency personnel on campus this Wednesday.

To the Campus Community,

Line of Parked Fire Trucks As part of UCR’s ongoing emergency preparations, the campus has invited more than one hundred emergency responders to come take a tour of the campus on Wednesday, Dec. 17, focusing on the labs and steam plant. Emergency vehicles will be parked in Lot 6. We are trying to share this notice widely to avoid someone mistaking numerous emergency vehicles for a crisis.

“This is important work and part of our ability to communicate efficiently with each other if there is an emergency,” said Russell Vernon, director of UCR’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

Line of parked fire trucks with ladders extendedRepresentatives of Riverside County Fire, Riverside Police, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and several other fire agencies will be touring labs, the steam plant, and other areas of campus that might be critically important to an emergency response during an earthquake or other natural disaster.  The tour and workshop lasts from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For more information about UCR’s emergency preparations, visit:


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