Fostering Homeownership In The UCR Neigbhborhood

Once we start using the enforcement tools in the City’s toolbox, and once we get the zoning ordinance modified to address the non conforming boarding house/mini-dorm use, we’re still left with the problem of getting single families moved into the neighborhood.

Here’s what the City of Minneapolis did to support home ownership in the neighborhoods around the University of Minnesota.

Completed Initiatives

The Homebuyer Incentive Program provided forgivable loans of up to $10,000 for homes purchased in the University District. All $150,000 for this program has been distributed and no additional funds are available.

Homebuyer Incentive Program. This program encouraged people to purchase and live in homes in the District.

Homebuyer Incentive Program Guidelines  Download me! Download

Homebuyer Incentive–The University District Map  Download me! Download

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