FREE Arts & Sports Day Camp July 20-23

Elementary Day Camp FlyerIf you know some families who would enjoy a free Arts & Sports Day Camp, it’s happening  July 20-23 at Crest Community Church.
It’s a way to bless parents (free childcare), and give our youngest neighbors some fun activities to participate in.  Parents can drop their children off at 9am, and pick them back up at 11:30am here at Crest Community Church.
Would you mind passing this along to any families you know who could be interested?
For Questions or More Information, contact David McClannahan (the program coordinator) at (720) 318-1964,
or John Dixon .(303) 881-8910.

You can download the flyer or forward the link along as well.

Blessings to you,

John Dixon

Crest Community Church

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