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The Resourceful Garden
Begins Saturday, March 5th (3pm-Sunset)!
A FREE Community Garden Education Program
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Friday, February 25th!


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The Resourceful Garden Overview

The Resourceful Garden is a four-month community garden education program scheduled to begin Saturday, March 5, 2011 (3pm-Sunset). Join your community at the Growcology Learning Center every other Saturday as we support existing community gardens and help develop new community gardens. This program is being made available to churches, schools, hospitals, neighborhood organizations & backyard gardeners throughout the Southern California region.

This program is unique in that it provides a learn-and-apply model.  Participants receive training in every aspect of planning and maintaining a community garden, including irrigation, soil remediation, composting, seasonal planting, trouble-shooting, networking, harvesting, community marketing, program development and more.  Between classes, participants will implement the learned material at their location.   Upon returning to the class, participants are encouraged to share and overcome challenges by assisting one another.  In addition, participants will be connected after the program through the community garden resource network, an online community for garden support.

Curriculum Every other Saturday starting at 3pm!

Growcology Vegetable Garden

March 5    Planning a Community Garden

March 19  Compost and Soil

April 2      Seeds Education & Garden Calendar

April 16    Building a Water-wise Raincross Garden

April 30    Irrigation and Timers

May 14     Transplanting/ Companions / Pest Mgmt.

May 28     Marketing & Community Outreach

June 11    Harvesting & Seed Saving

June 25    Overview

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