Gainey Ceramics Sparks Instant Curb Appeal For University Neighborhood

May 22, 2011

Steve Gainey
Gainey Ceramics
1200 Arrow Hwy
La Verne CA 91750-5217

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your generosity and support of the first Annual University Neighborhood Earth Day Celebration. Your participation has sparked a neighborhood transformation.

Our Watkins Drive Gateway Project started with a make over of one neighbor’s yard. Thus began the University Neighborhood’s version of HGTV’s “Curb Appeal, The Neighborhood”.

During the celebration, free fruit trees were distributed to residents. The Plant Exchange got some legs when gardeners connected and are now preparing cuttings for transplanting. Work on the make over yard goes on as students continue to weed and mulch. We’re planning our second “Curb Appeal” house and the planting a small street median has been approved. The plant exchange is becoming a demonstration garden at the make over yard.

When the day’s events were complete streets,  parking lots, storm drains and arroyos were cleared of litter, neighbors were connected and twenty students had begun a transformation that will leave a lasting impact on our neighborhood.

Your participation has rekindled our neighbors’ love for their neighborhood and for the City of Riverside. Stay tuned for the milestones.

You have made a difference. You contribution started something that would not have occurred without you, a neighborhood of our dreams – right now! Thank you.

Yours for a World Being Well,

Gurumantra Khalsa
Chair, University Neighborhood Association

P.S. We’ve invited all twenty-six Riverside neighborhoods to share their most effective Earth Day celebrations in a city wide event in 2012.

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