Green Festival and Summit

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April 23 – Don’t Miss It!

Riverside Green Festival and Leadership Summit

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You’re Invited!

Celebrate Riverside’s leadership in sustainability with a fun-filled festival and facilitated summit. Join us at Riverside Community College’s quad, garden, and digital library auditorium on April 23, 2016. This event will raise awareness, engage community, and create connections that help Riverside become more sustainable in a variety of ways.

The Green Festival will include outdoor interactive activities; themed indoor lectures and workshops; and movies with discussions. After lunch, a Summit forum will be conducted to solicit input from the community about ways that residents can partner with the city, businesses, and groups to create a “Green Renaissance” for the greater Riverside area.

Program tracks include:

✓     Local Foods

✓     Waste Prevention and Reuse

✓     Cityscapes

✓     Wildlife, Watersheds, and Native Plants.

This collaborative event will offer hands-on art, educational, and fun activities. We will provide “take-home” ideas for sustainable living and educate residents about using their “purchasing power” for the benefit of our local economy.

The City of Riverside and many community partners have undertaken a variety of efforts to make Riverside a greener, safer, and healthier place. This event will showcase those efforts and create network connections between those working toward a sustainable future.

To provide this event free to the public, we ask for your participation and/or support by considering a sponsorship.

When you support this extraordinary event, please indicate your interest and submit the enclosed form by February 15, 2016 to ensure the inclusion of your logo/credits in promotional materials. Please email high resolution logo/artwork at your earliest convenience for inclusion in the program, flyer, and social media to  

If you are unable to assist financially, please consider providing a relevant creative, educational, or fun activity. (See forms attached). Should you have any questions about sponsorship or participation, please contact Diana Ruiz at 238-8338, or Justin Scott Coe at waterscottcoe@gmail.com909-238-6199.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Green Festival and Summit.

The Green Riverside Leadership Summit Collaborative

The Green Riverside Leadership Summit (GRLS) collaborative is a group of community leaders who are working toward a more environmentally sustainable future. Riverside has held two Green Riverside Leadership Summits, one in 2012 and 2014. These events provide the opportunity for community members to collectively review progress in becoming a more sustainable city, set goals for future collaborative projects, and develop a resource network to support and promote existing programs. Join us! The GRLS collaborative is an outgrowth of Riverside’s Seizing Our Destiny initiative and is aligned with goals of the Riverside Sustainability Coalition.

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