Helping Teen Fathers Succeed As Parents
August 1, 2014 

Something “Street Positive” To Think About


Is Your Child Being Educated or Taught To Fail?  How well do you know the intellectual capacity of your child(ren)?  Do you rely soley on the school system to educate your child?  Or, have you created an effective partnership?  How far long are you with your child’s economically sustainable family “success” plan?  Are you meeting with those who are educating your child(ren). Or, is your child being taught to fail?  Don’t just go back to school, it’s time to get down to business!  Make that change!

“If  you don’t spend time with your child, someone else will.  We Guarantee It!”
Take This Mental Health Stigma EvaluationHelping Teen Fathers Succeed As Parents

Inland Empire, CA. Each year nearly 750,000 women ages twenty years and younger become pregnant in the U.S. alone.  Of that total, approximately 305,000 teen girls ages 15-19 will give birth.

While it is vital to support teen mothers, it is equally as vital to support teen fathers?

The 2014 “IE/L.A” Million Father March organizing committee is asking your volunteer support and product donations for the Teen/Young Father “Baby Item/Diaper Drive” to help make a positive difference that keeps young fathers in school, through graduation, and engaged in the lives of their children for a lifetime.  Additionally, we are seeking “experienced” fathers who are willing to mentor young fathers when and if they need assistance.  Trust and believe, they will need and welcome all the assistance they can get.

Please visit now and help make a difference by signing up to support the 2014 Million Father March.  Again, we need volunteers, exhibitors (community resources), sponsors, baby items/baby diapers and “experienced” fathers willing to help a teen/young father succeed in the life of raising his child.

Note! The Million Father March is an open community engagement event.  Everyone welcome.  Exhibitor space available.  Register now!

Do you know someone who was a teen father?  Have them contact us today for the panel discussion at the Million Father March.

9/6 – San Bernardino County (Fontana, CA)

9/13 – Riverside County (Riverside, CA)

9/27 – Los Angeles County (Inglewood, CA)

Check Your Million Father March Locations Here!

A Summer Performance All Must See

Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  As seen on BET Experience, TV One’s Verses & Flow, UCLA and UCR, “The Blood They Shed” is a critically acclaimed stage play and a must see.

A powerful one man stage play by Aaron White, raised in South Central L.A., it harnesses the power of music, media and ingenious story telling guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and reflect on some real truths facing people in today‘s world.

The Blood They Shed is truly a performance for the youth and adults alike.

Kool As Nerdz Presentation in association with Stansell Enterprises.

For more information and ticket purchase visit:

Wigs ‘N Weaves & The Natural You – November 22, 2014

Street Positive Talks Struggle, Success and CommunityHelp Tavarius Graduate and Make Love Count

Riverside, CA. Street Positive CEO, Terry Boykins, was selected as guest speaker for a recent Pick Power Breakfast to address personal struggle, success and community engagement.

The Pick Group, established in early 2010, is a diverse network of young professionals interested in engaging with and bettering their community while pursuing excellence in their chosen fields. Membership is comprised of career and community-minded 21 to 40 year old citizens of Riverside and the surrounding areas working in the business, non-profit, civic, educational, legal, medical, hospitality, and service sectors of our community. The organization provides opportunities for career-minded young professionals to connect socially, develop professionally, and engage civically for the betterment of Riverside.

The Pick Power Breakfast is one of the premier monthly events. The purpose is to provide a very unique and special opportunity for young professionals to engage in a small and personalized setting with some of our community’s most dynamic and successful business leaders.  Of which, have included:
· Gordon Bourns,  CEO, Bourns
· Henry Coil, Riverside Resident, Volunteer, Philanthropist & Former Councilman
· Virginia Phillips, United States District Judge, United States District Court
· Mark Hawkins, CEO, Altura Credit Union
· Richard Roth, Senator, California State Senate
Ms. Debra Postil, Deputy District Attorney in Riverside County, and Executive Director ofWomen Wonder Writers commented “Terry has a real understanding of the achievement gap for our impoverished youth today.  And, hearing his personal story, experiences and what drives his fatherhood and mentorship causes really ignited my fire to wake up every morning and get busy with our purpose to help youth succeed and close the achievement gap.

On August 16, 2014 Boykins has been selected to present “People Play Games: Creating Your Man Plan” during Imani Men’s Conference – Watchmen on the Wall III held in Temecula, CA.  The event will be held from 8am – 1pm.  To register visit:

Boykins was also selected to facilitate a standing room only EMBODI Roundtable on black male achievement during the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc Farwest Regional Conference held July 16, 2014 at Cal State University Long Beach.

                                       Why Ask. Be Next!
“The hourglass is running.  Will your house be in order before it runs out?”

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