Inland Cities Position For Bullet Train Stops

Riverside and Corona each seek to secure a station on California’s planned bullet train system, but only one of the cities can win.  Faulty premise number one.  Read more at: Inland cities jockey for position for high-speed rail stops.

If there ever was a project worth collaborating on with as many local governments as possible , at an expected $45 billion, this is it. Expected costs aren’t worth the cyberspace they occupy.

Our local governments don’t seem able to think transportation is a regional issue.  A review of Barney Barnett’s reports and public service on behalf of the taxpayers can be seen at Highgrove Happenings. Watch the video. It seems we can’t get the Riverside County Transportation Commission and the San Bernardino County work out a local solution that adds capacity and flexibilty for the Metrolink project. Read page 9 of June’s Highgrove Happenings for a heads up.

If you were to send RCTC an email asking for serious consideration, I’m sure your efforts would not be wasted. Read the Environmental Review.

If transportation projects are supposed to serve the population, you have to look at making that happen instead of talking about why we can’t.

We’re considering spending stimulus money for Spanish manufactureres to build high speed rail for the United States, yet our manufacturing plants are closing and being sold off. What’s wrong with this picture?

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