Judge Rules Against NORCO Pettition To Underground RTRP

Hi Power Transmission Tower

 THE CPUC MEETS TOMORROW, Thursday Feb 15th, 11 a.m.

IN ORANGE COUNTY and can reverse the Judge’s decision

PLEASE CAN CALL IN – Your Voice Is Needed. Details Below

Date: 02/15/2024
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: 100 Civic Center Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630;

also available via webcast or phone

Call-in-Number: (800) 857-1917
Participant PASSCODE: 9899501#
Contact: VotingMeetingHelp@cpuc.ca.gov or call (415) 703-5263
Webcast: http://www.adminmonitor.com/ca/cpuc

Additional information including agenda can be found here.

Providing Public Comments:

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Talking Points:

RE: A.15-04-013 – Full undergrounding of Riverside Transmission Reliability Project as proposed by Petition from the City of Norco in Riverside County

Edison has distributed false information about this project to everyone, including the City of Riverside. Such as:
1. The cost, Edison overstated the cost to be ~4.7 times greater, this was confirmed by an
independent consultant hired by Riverside and confirmed by Edison rep at a CC meeting
2. Edison misrepresented the additional time to build underground by almost 5 fold or greater which caused the City of Riverside to not consider underground in the initial
EIR…confirmed at city council meeting with both Edison Rep and Consultant hired by city in attendance.
3. Edison told the City of Riverside they were shovel ready…not true as the easements to build have not been purchased and one land owner was at the city council meeting and said he has made no arrangements to sell his property for an easement.
4. The fire risk; Edison has said the fire risk is minimal at best, this is a 2 Tier Fire rated area, possibly soon to be rated a 3 Tier Fire area
5. Governor Newsom signed legislation in 2023 declaring that NO OVERHEAD transmission lines will be built in California due to the fire risk. Edison is pushing to go forward as the project was approved prior to this safety legislation being signed.
6. Riverside residents DO NOT WANT overhead transmission lines
7. These lines are behind homes
8. These lines would go through a wildlife habitat
9. Norco residents do not want overhead transmission lines
10.Jurupa Valley did not want overhead transmission lines and the CPUC allowed Jurupa Valley to do a supplemental EIR and the CPUC voted to have Edison UNDERGROUND
the lines through Jurupa Valley, a contiguous neighbor of Riverside

 Project will not cost a “billion dollars”
 Project is not shovel ready
 The project regardless of above or below ground will be spread out over every rate payer in the state – either way will cost approximately $1.00 additional per year. (Cal
Strategies: Steve Larson & Hope Christman/CPUC)
 We will be petitioning for the entire length of line: under river, Norco, County, La Sierra
(we are correcting the press release)
 No Riverside residents’ rates will go up more then a dollar per year due to this project
 Norco has hired the same attorney and consultant who undergrounded Jurupa Valley and Chino Hills
 Undergrounding in the EIR was deemed the superior way to go but it was not explored.
 In the short term undergrounding disturbs the area but in the long term is better for the environment
 When high transmission lines go up, it impedes the ability for helicopters to drop water on fires – that is exactly what saved Norco during the two large fires on our SW and SE quadrant – without those helicopters Norco would have been in trouble.
 The center of Norco is rated highest for fire danger.
 The river bottom is an urban forest – the EIR downplays the vegetation
 The EIR was completed prior to the devastating Paradise Fire, Norco’s two major fires and Lahaina.
 The Santa Ana winds reach a higher wind speed than the hurricane winds that caused the Lahaina fire.

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