Leave A Voicemail At CPUC – Underground RTRP – Voting Thursday

Hi Power Transmission Tower

The CPUC is voting Thurs. Mar 21st whether or not to underground the RTRP.  This is a pivotal moment to take action and share the call to action. Your voice for your future.

What can I do to support undergrounding the RTRP?

  • Email the Commissioners

    • If the link above does not work correctly, copy the following email addresses into a new email and use subject “Proceeding A1504013 – Underground RTRP”
      • alice.reynolds@cpuc.ca.gov;
      • genevieve.shiroma@cpuc.ca.gov;
      • darcie.houck@cpuc.ca.gov;
      • john.reynolds@cpuc.ca.gov;
      • karen.douglas@cpuc.ca.gov
  • Call and provide one minute of public comment at this week’s upcoming CPUC meeting

  • What To Say

Subject: “Proceeding A1504013 – Underground RTRP”

Dear Commissioners,

I am asking that you accept Norco’s Petition for further consideration to underground the RTRP (Riverside Transmission Reliability Project).

I WANT THIS PROJECT UNDERGROUND; I do not want overhead transmission lines for the following reasons:

  • This area is designated as a high fire zone
  • This would go through a Wildlife Nature Habitat
  • This would negatively impact a socioeconomically disadvantaged population (~ 82% Hispanic families) affecting their:
    • Generational Wealth
    • Their property value
    • Their quality of life
  • Towers that reach almost 200’ would impede helicopters and small planes from fighting fires with retardants subjecting residents to property loss and loss of lives
  • This land is used for the “recreation and enjoyment of the people” as this land was purchased with State Funding through California Department of Fish & Wildlife

There are more reasons than there is time for you to read, please know that Riverside residents, Norco residents, Jurupa Valley residents, Eastvale residents, and many more DO NOT WANT OVERHEAD TRANSMISSION LINES.

Please review the entire comment file on this project. Almost all our elected officials have voiced their support for undergrounding this project.

(your name)

How do I learn more about the City of Norco’s request to underground the RTRP?

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