Leave A Voicemail At CPUC – Underground RTRP

Hi Power Transmission Tower

Your voice is needed. I am making an appeal for you to make a phone call and leave a voicemail. Or, write a letter.

If you Call: (You can do both!)


  • #1 for English
  • #4 to comment and include the Utility Company name and the proceeding number   RE: A.15-04-013, Edison, Riverside Transmission Reliability Project
  • Your comment will be given to every commissioner reviewing the petition.
  • Public.advisor@CPUC.ca.gov
    • Give the hearing # A.15-04-013 Riverside Transmission Reliability Project
    • Give your position, such as:  “I want you to approve the City of Norco’s petition to underground this project:”

The voicemail and  letter can be as short as you would like.  I recommend keeping a voicemail and letter short. Say this:

“My name is ________, and I am asking the CPUC to approve Norco’s petition to underground the Riverside Transmission Reliability Project.  RE: A.15-04-013 – Full undergrounding of Riverside Transmission Reliability Project as proposed by Petition from the City of Norco in Riverside County.”

 Say anything you would like after that, but end with the same request!  Use any of the letter points in your voicemail if you like.

RTRP Route Map

If you can do more, Write a letter to the CPUC;  Use the sample letter. Send a word doc to Sharon Mateja, smateja@earthlink.net

She will forward to the City of Norco to scan them on Monday and forward them on our behalf to the CPUC.  Or, Mail it yourself.

We need a data set filled with community voices. Spread the word. This is a short and sweet moment to make a difference.  The review starts Tuesday Nov 14th. Your voice will determine the legacy we leave future residents


Sample Letter Text

Alice Bushing Reynolds, President

Genevieve Shiroma, Commissioner

Darcie L. Hauck, Commissioner

John Reynolds, Commissioner

Karen Douglas, Commissioner

505 Van Ness Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94102


RE: A.15-04-013 – Full undergrounding of Riverside Transmission Reliability Project as proposed by Petition from the City of Norco in Riverside County

Dear Madame President and Commissioners:

I write this letter in support of fully undergrounding the Riverside Transmission Reliability Project (RTRP). While I recognize the need for a transmission project in our county, I want to urge the Commission to re-evaluate its prior decisions in this matter and require the undergrounding of the project.

Since the last review by the Commission, much has changed that demands undergrounding of the project. Most significant among these new factors are the rapidly expanding threats from wildfires in the region. Fighting wildfires in California has become one of the major undertakings for our state and local communities. Overhead transmission lines will limit the firefighters from using planes and helicopters to fight the fires. And, these air attack resources are critical to stopping the spread of wildfires. Even worse, overhead transmission lines can be the cause of these conflagrations.

Earlier in your deliberations, you decided to underground a portion of the RTRP because of its impact on poorer neighborhoods in Riverside County. Jurupa Valley was wise enough to pursue this with the Commission, and it is time for the Commission to realize that these same issues exist in other areas now scheduled for aerial transmission lines. Please underground the RTRP through these areas of our county, as well.

One final thought—Southern California Edison (SCE) has made much of the impact of the RTRP project on ratepayers of the county. As you know, however, this is not nearly as impactful as described by SCE. The costs of undergrounding this project are spread among the ratepayers in the service area of the ISO, not just the territory of SCE. Please do not be blindsided by SCE’s assertions in this matter.

In conclusion, please support the undergrounding of the RTRP in Riverside County. Thank you,

(Sign Name Here)


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