Looking For 26 In 26 Champions

26 In 26 Think Outside The Box26 in 26 is a community-driven, resident based initiative to connect neighbors,
and help them create unique neighborhood strategies,
ultimately ensuring that they have the neighborhood of their dreams.  

Will you help champion and lead this effort????

A small “council” of about 30 champions is forming to take on this task. A 26 in 26 Champion is a person who is passionate about the overall 26 in 26 effort to create neighborhood strategies in each neighborhood.


·   26 in 26 Champions will work with other Champions in helping 26 in 26 succeed across the city.

·   26 in 26 Champions will work on the overall project as it moves from neighborhood to neighborhood.

·   26 in 26 Champions will attend a once a month 2 hour 26 in 26 Champions Council meeting

·   26 in 26 Champions will participate in one activity a month over 24 months (varies from Area to Area)

Will you join the 26 in 26 Champions Council?

·   Yes, Sign Me Up!

If you don’t have the time to serve as a 26 in 26 Champions Council, there are plenty of other ways to be involved.  Here are just a few of them – let us know which you would like to do to create the neighborhood of your dreams.

·   Plan

·   Join the planning team for the Launch Day of 26 in 26 in your area.

·   Promote

·   Connect and Invite people in your circle of influence to the 26 in 26 initiative.

·  Start or contribute to a neighborhood newsletter.

·   Capture and Share photos and videos of neighbors being Good Neighbors!

·  Invite others to 26 in 26 activities in their neighborhood: Good Neighbor Great Neighbor Launch Day, Tour & Treasure Hunt to discover all your neighborhoods gifts and assets, , Dream Sessions to discover what neighbors care about and want to work on together, and Strategy Sessions to develop strategies with neighbors to achieve neighborhood dreams!

·   Participate

·   Participate in your area’s 26 in 26 events.

·   Party!

·   Host a neighborhood BBQ, Potluck, Ice Cream Social, Holiday or Block Party!

·  Create a Neighborhood Hospitality Team (NHT) and invite neighbors over for a dreaming session!

·   Other ways??? You tell us!

I’d like to: ________________________________________________________________________


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