MAAD Letter To Chief Diaz

Sunset, July 24, 2013
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Subject: Complaint coming from UCR students
To whom it may concern,
  I am writing to all of you and hoping something can be done. I have been getting phone calls about a disturbance in the “University Neighborhood”
I am told that drunk driving, disorderly and often underage UCR students and their non-campus friends are not being cited by the UCR and Riverside Police at off-campus parties. It’s my understanding the police are called who witness these drunk and underage students. They have actually watched them get in cars and drive off intoxicated.
I am told these kids are actually throwing up in their yards and often carrying young underage drinkers so drunk they can’t walk and putting them into cars.
Someone or many are going to be killed if something isn’t done.
The students are referred as : Glenhill, Flanders, Nisbet, Watkins, Broadbent, Shady Grove, Campus View, Pear Blossom Navajo and others.
I am hoping by writing this to you something can be done.
Thank you.
Feel free to contact me at the below address.

Lory Gleason
Program Coordinator/Victim Advocate
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Riverside County
P.O. BOX 12095
760-772-6233 (madd)
760-772-0710 fax
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