Meet Your Neighbors Community Welcome Event

You’re Invited!



What: University Neighborhood “Meet Your Neighbors”

Community Welcome Event




           4108 Watkins      Hillandale Ct & Goodrich Dr   

            745 Glenhill       2285 Quartz

           168 Nisbet          755 Libby     206 Knox         

           130 E. Blaine       3425 Santa Cruz   

           134 Broadbent    575 Massachusetts    

           503 Highlander   559 W. Campus View

           3314 Celeste       855 Spruce

           865 Kentwood     Hacienda at Pearblossom



How:  Walk, bike, or drive to one or many!

When:  Saturday September 21st from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Why: With the new UCR school year starting, this is a

perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors and

welcome any new ones.


Share concerns, observations and ideas regarding our beautiful neighborhood (evening group walks? potlucks in the park? acceptable noise levels? parking issues?) or just simply say, “Hi”. 


UCR and City representatives will provide resources and information regarding the tenets of being a Good Neighbor.


Hosted by:  Patricia, Tony & Marisol, Gurumantra & Siri, Tina, Jill & Casper, Tammy & Jerry, Linda, Shelley, Alex, Corrie, Leticia, Jennifer, Dee, Judy & David, Diane, Tom, Kate & Scott

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