Meeting Agenda May 8, 2014

1. IntroductionsMeet Your Neighbors Sign

2. Neighbors Forum          20 min.

3. UNET Update                10 min

4. UCR Update                  10 min

5. Working Group Update  10 min.

6.  26 in 26 Exercise          10 min

7.  Council Update              10. min

8. Cool California                  5 min

9. Neighborhood Clean Up

Saturday, May 17 8:30-11

Meet RCA Stem Parking Lot

University Neighborhood and the City of Riverside needs our help! Our community has a chance to become California’s Coolest City by participating in the CoolCalifornia City Challenge. Now through August 31, sign up and commit to reducing your carbon footprint to help Riverside earn points and compete against other California cities. And there’s even prize money – $100,000 will be distributed to participating cities!

But, more importantly, we simply can’t let Claremont and Corona think they are cooler cities than we are! 

Signing up is easy!
1. Click here to sign up
2. Take the CoolCalifornia City Challenge survey (worth 500 points!)
3. Click on Teams and join the Riverside Green Team!

If every person receiving this email simply completes these three steps, we will leap into the lead!  See  PDF for simple instructions for how to sign up and use this website. 

Please spread the word and use this online tool to track your own personal coolness and learn how you can live more sustainably.
For more information, see below, view Mayor Bailey’s YouTube message, visit or, or call 951-826-5817.

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