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Crime and Misconduct Resources

Smart Phone GraphicCleary Act Crime Statistics

UCR Student Misconduct Reporting link for               Download This List

Like all residents, UCR students are expected to uphold all state and city laws and ordinances, including those related to noise, traffic, parking, zoning, and consumption of alcohol. If you are having a residential problem with a UCR student(s) living off-campus, please fill out the form on this link

Report Mail Theft To U.S. Postal Inspector  877-876-2455

U.S. Crime Reports

How to sign up?

  1. Sign in. This will get you to a button that reads, “Not a Member? Create a New Account.
  2. Go to my settings. It will ask you if you want to receive information Daily, Weekly or Monthly. It will ask you what type of crimes you want to be notified of (Homicide, Breaking and Entering, Robbery , Theft, Theft of Vehicle, Theft From Vehicle, Vehicle Recovery, Sexual Offenses, Assault, Property Crimes, Other, Quality of Life, Traffic, Fire, Emergency, Proactive Policing).
  3. Set the area. Go to the search bar and enter 92507.
  4. Name this Crime Update. Enter UNET area.
  5. It will ask if you want to include Registered Sex Offenders.
  6. Hit the save icon button.

Riverside 311 Application (search Riverside311 in your Smartphone apps and install)

The City of Riverside is now offering smart phone applications to report problems. When you see a pothole, graffiti or other problem, open the application, take a photo with your phone, select the type of issue, and send. The photo (along with the address via GPS and date/time stamp) goes to the City’s 311 Call Center and generates a service request.

(Type of Issues) Animal Dead, Code Violation, Graffiti Removal, Homeless Encampment, Lack of Landscape Manhole Cover Loose, Missed Trash, Panhandling, Park Maintenance, Sewage Cover Loose, Shopping Cart , Streets, Potholes, Street Light Out, Trash Collection, Tree Trim, Other..

UCR Campus Safety/Crime Alerts via UCR Scotmail This information can be accessed as follows:

1. Via the internet, type in

2. Click “Scotmail”

3. Click “Scotmail Optional List Subscription”

4. Under “Your e-mail address: ” enter your e-mail address inside the requested box

5. Under “Listname: “ scroll select “Campus Safety”

6. Under “Digest mode:”, scroll select “No Digest.”

7. Finally click the “Subscribe” icon.

Once this is completed you will receive the same Campus Safety alerts sent to UCR Students, Faculty and Staff from the UCR Police Department.


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