Ray’s Pizza, Parkview Nursery Sponsor Earth Day Play Day

If you haven’t found that special NY style pizza you’ve been craving, check out Ray’s Pizza in University Village.  I love getting pizza by the slice. It keeps me from eating a whole pizza most of the time. Ray’s makes it a test of will to limit myself. He has so many varieties by the slice – it’s certain you won’t be disappointed.  Ray has generously agreed to send over some pizza’s to Goodwin’s Organic Market parking lot for the volunteers on Saturday.

Parkview Nursery has designated our Earth Day Celebration an un-official satellite nursery. Given our neighborhood’s long love affair with all things plant, we will have several varieties of FREE Trees redeemable with your utility bill.

I have nearly 30 fruit trees giving shade and an amazing bounty of fresh fruit all year long.  Talk about a program that keeps on giving! Take advantage of one of the coolest city programs anywhere. How many cities do you know that make it possible to feed its residents and go green at the same time?


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