Reduce, Recycle, Recover Refuse Rates Increase August 1st

Our trash collection rates are about to increase. Nobody ever wants to pay more, but everybody wants more. Riverside has been way ahead of many cities in planning for the environmental impacts of what we ourselves leave behind.

Check out the program benefits and statistics we’ve been getting for what we pay.

If you spend a little time browsing, you’ll find we have an amazingly comprehensive program handling an incredibly complex waste stream.

Understanding how your lifestyle  fits int the waste stream is the first step to knowing  where you can make the biggest contribution.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover Program

Anything and everything we do leverages our taxpayer dollars spent on promoting our environmental health. That’s  at the root of our health.

In this case we get what we pay for.

And don’t be shy about telling City Hall what you think about how we’re doing.

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