Riverside Residents Value Public Transportation

Nita Hiltner’s story on Riverside’s public transportation history is an interesting read contrasted with today’s car centric,  Southern California culture.

Fast forward to 2011 and RSUD’s Summer School offerings. High school students who need to make-up an “F” grade or who have taken and failed the exit exam have two options: Ramona or King High School.

The problem for many students without cars or  parents to drive them, is that they will have to take two or more buses to get to classes at King.  This is an unnecessary hardship. This could have been avoided, or at least improved by locating classes at North instead of the most remote, albeit newest high school.

Riverside County Transportation reports record ridership in three of the last six months. April was up 6%, Conmuter Link was up 21% and represents 700,000 rides. The student bus pass program is one of the most successful ever launched.

With ridership trends moving upward and an obvious need for students to complete requirements necessary for jobs or college, does it make sense to put additional hurdles in their path by making it more difficult?



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