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Riverside currently ranks as the 12th largest city in California, 6th in Southern California, and is the economic powerhouse of one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. Riverside was named #1 U.S. City for Small Business by Inc. Magazine, #2 Hot Spot for Tech in the U.S. and #6 Happiest Place in the Nation for Young Professionals. More importantly, residents and business owners in Riverside are excited by what’s happening in the City and what our collective future holds.

With the interactive map feature, viewers can see which retail centers are closest to them.
Here is The Galleria at Tyler.

Riverside is exceptionally well-positioned and is an attractive place for businesses and families to relocate. Housing prices continue to build momentum with a 13% percent increase over last year.

Taxable sales in Riverside County have increased year over year by 11.7%, which is the highest increase of any county in California. Riverside also experiences the highest per capita sales over the county, Southern California and the state as a whole. It’s no surprise that Riverside continues to rank among the top American cities for the “Playful City USA” award.

Click HERE to access the Office of Economic Development’s new interactive retail story map.

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