Riverside’s Biking Future

Tuesday night the Riverside City Council unanimously reaffirmed its commitment to support bicycling as a key means of transportation, fitness and fun by agreeing to hire a Bicycle Consultant to work directly with the bicycle community and the city to advance Riverside’s standing as a bicycle friendly community.

“The decision to hire a Bicycle Consultant marks a defining time for this City and its future,” commented Mayor Ron Loveridge.  “There is much to be done to further enhance our infrastructure and for the culture of bicycling in Riverside.

Riverside is part of an urban bicycle renaissance that is taking hold across the nation.  In 2009, the League of American Bicyclists awarded Riverside the Bronze level Bicycle Friendly Community Award in partial recognition for Riverside efforts to implement its 2008 Bicycle Master Plan.

“To continue to accelerate our progress, it is critical that the city focus on institutionalizing bicycling throughout every facet of transportation services,” commented Councilmember Rusty Bailey.  “This will require contracting with a knowledgeable consultant who can help train city staff, look for opportunities for resources, solve problems and help foster a bike riding culture within government and for the public.”

One step the City has already taken is the establishment of a Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) in September 2009.  This committee links various groups with a common interest and provides a forum to discuss issues relevant to the City’s bicycle community such as access, safety, events and infrastructure.  “A bike friendly community must be considerate of varying needs….connectivity and safety must be a priority” said Ward 1 Councilmember Mike Gardner.  The BAC will help the city prioritize the projects and programs identified in the Bicycle Master Plan and advise the City on how to further implement them.

The consultant will be funded using AB 2766 grant monies.  In 1990, California Assembly Bill 2766 was signed into law.  AB 2766 provides for the collection of an additional $4 in motor vehicle registration fees and can only be used to fund a variety of air pollution reduction efforts.

The bicycle advocate consultant will be selected through a Request for Qualifications process.  For more information, please call (951) 826-5311.

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