Scientist Farmer Blows Lid Off Secret Food and Soil Impacts

Scientist Farmer Howard Vlieger  

How much do you know about the food you eat? What about gardening & lawn care?

Sunday, January 19, internationally recognized speaker Howard Vlieger addresses these questions, drawing from his insights and experiences. A third generation farmer and “student of the soil”, Vlieger shares his hands-on knowledge of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and its chemical partner glyphosate. He will discuss the impacts of these two on soil, crops, animals eating the crops, and human health. Genetic engineering and the resulting genetically modified organisms have huge implications for every aspect of their use. Howard is co-author of a first-of-its-kind scientific study on the effects of feeding non-GMO and GMO grains to hogs for their lifetime as meat animals.

Surprise guests Brett and Dave Wilcox are a father-son team from Huntington Beach, , passing through Riverside on their journey for

a GMO-Free USA!


WHERE: Universalist-Unitarian Church of Riverside, 3525 Mission Inn Boulevard, Riverside, CA

DATE: January 19, 2013

TIME: 2:00 pm. Formal program starts at 2:30 pm.

Includes Q&A and non-GMO refreshments

HOSTS: Co-sponsored by UUCR’s Green Sanctuary and Label GMOs IE.

FOR MORE INFO: Call Siri Khalsa at Nutrition News, 951.784.7500.


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