Self Governance Training Workshop

Power To The People Global FistAttached is a flyer with the information regarding the Center for Self Governance training here in Riverside on the 30th. Feel free to pass along.  I will be attending.  The cost is $50.  The class will be hosted by Ben Clymer Jr., of Ben Clymer’s Body Shop, who is bringing the Utility Users Tax repeal ballot initiative here to Riverside.  The folks who put together the training I’m told (though I’ve not confirmed) were the organizers behind defeating Eric Cantor (at the time, House Majority Leader) in a giant surprise for the Republican Party last year.
A little about the Center and the training (I have not attended their training before and cannot provide a referral):
Who We Are
The Center for Self Governance is a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to training citizens in applied civics, founded on the belief in the capacity of mankind for self governance.
What Is Self Governance?
Self governance is exercising your individual liberty, personal responsibility, and civic authority to control instituted government.
What We Do
As citizens, we often lack the political knowledge, skills and ability to articulate our desire to make the policy changes necessary to keep our government to its proper role.  Modern civics training teaches conventional political theories.  The Center for Self Governance teaches unconventional, tried and tested techniques in applied civics proven to Keep the Republic.  CSG training putsyou, the citizen, in the drivers seat of self governance.  You choose the issues, candidates, and agendas to address, just as our government of, by,  and for the people was designed.


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