Standing Room Only For Perris Valley Metrolink Public Comments Meeting

University Neighbors showed up en mass to present a lengthy list of concerns about the Perris Valley Metrolink Project. They were intelligent, articulate, and committed to keeping the quality of life our neighborhood has always enjoyed.

We had 75 to 100 people in attendance including city officials, UCR representatives, Riverside school board members and the principals of our two elementary schools, Hyatt and Highland.

From the comments made and issues raised, it’s very clear that this project is a lightening rod for public health and safety issues that far surpass typical NIMBY responses.

The potential negative impacts from this project as proposed are insufficient to guarantee minimal safety in the event of a toxic spill, gas line explosion or an earthquake.

Our neighbors were eloquent and as always, ever vigilant when it comes time to step up and speak out for the neighborhood they love.

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