Syamore Canyon Wilderness Park To Have Interpretive Center

The city is planning to build a 1,000-square-foot nature center off Central Avenue near Lochmoor Drive using a $780,000 state grant. City officials have not yet set a date for completion of the center. The city parks department plans to partner with the Riverside Metropolitan Museum to offer science and nature programs at the facility.

That’s a great next step and will serve as an educational resource for Sycamore Canyon Park.

But what’s really wanted and urgently needed is a plan to develop access to Sycamore Canyon Park  from Alessandro Blvd., Canyon Crest Drive and Cottonwood Ave. That would give convenient access to trails with parking. That would also open the park to greater exploration and enjoyment.

If other communities with well cared for and accessible natural amenities areany guide, surrounding property values will rise and property crime will decline.

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