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How To Make An Ecomment

Large crowd demonstration with one demonstrator holding a sign saying
Here’s a step-by-step guide to make an e Comment. The example is from last week’s City Council discussion to reconsider undergrounding the RTRP (Riverside Transmission Reliability Project).
Unfortunately, E comment closes at 11 a.m. But for next time, this should work to find the right place to make an e comment.
Click https://riversideca.gov/council  Click on Meeting Agendas & Videos from left menu
This will bring up a calendar search page for the meeting and agenda being sought at this link: (Bookmark for the future).
Click the ‘List View’ tab. In the search boxes. Select, ‘This Month’ for the time and, select ‘City Council’ for the meeting sought.
When you see the meeting you’re looking for, you will also see the
At the far right is a link for making an e Comment
When you click this, you will see the entire City Council agenda with digital links. Go to page 3
This procedure will work for any City meeting, Council, Boards & Commissions included.
In the words of Thom Hartman, Democracy is a team sport. Tag, you’re it.